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I never thought I could fall for my rival after just one night.

Shayla attended a party organized by the Dante clan…not to celebrate with them, but to find ways to exploit them. While there, she came across a marvelously beautiful man—Draco. In no time, he and Shayla were in bed together. Shayla fulfilled her wish of giving up her virginity to someone wonderful. However, she has yet to notice that she is falling in love…and Draco, her lover, is destined to lead her either to heaven or to hell.

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The flame strikes again 4  4

The hero is the family jewel who can resonate with jewels and a special power along with the family way of finding the one woman. When he's finally able to get out into society and meet but like his relatives when they were single doesn't believe in the family superstition and very much against the idea of finding the one. That is until he meets the heroine and touches her bare arm. From then on, he's hooked and practically begging the heroine to come upstairs to the bedroom with him. The next morning has a huge argument with the hero wanting to marry the heroine immediately and the heroine doesn't want that because she has been yearning for freedom for a long time. They separate on bad terms and they find out that they are business partners with a rocky family history. Apparently, the heroine's family were in the jewelry business and were big. Then they hit a snag and asked the hero's family for help but they declined. The refusal and the car accident that killed her parents, spurned her grandmother pull a very long hate campaign against the hero's family and has been pressuring the heroine to do the family business but the heroine doesn't want it. So, grandmother dangles a carrot in front of heroine if she can get the hero's family to buy their family mine and she'll let her get her dream assuming, despite the heroine being a grown woman who's free to pursue her own career. The meeting ends with the his family company buying the mine and him running after the heroine. He works hard to persuade her to come work for him and that he does want to marry but she's easily manipulated by her grandmother who lies about the hero marrying another woman. So, the heroine leaves and the hero tries to see her for the next eight months. He finally barges in the grandmother's house and sees the heroine in her very pregnant state. They both learn of the lie the grandmother conjured and the heroine has had it with her. She orders the grandmother out and has a talk with the hero. The two have a shotgun wedding in order to be married before the baby is born, otherwise the hero's family won't recognize the baby as part of the family. They leave to get married and the heroine is warmly welcomed by the hero's family. She has the baby three months later and everything is fine till the hero's family discover the mine they bought has no gems and the hero is quick to judge the heroine. He questions her love for him and she is horrified to learn the mine she sold was depleted, causing the hero's family to waste a fortune. Hurt by his lack of faith, the heroine leaves to her grandmother's house to have return the money and learns it was in her account. She returns the money but doesn't come back. The hero goes after the heroine and after building a bridge with the grandmother, catches the heroine at the airport. They hold each other close and make a fresh start on their lives together. It was a nice ending.

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