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She thought her computer was more reliable than her heart, but maybe she was wrong.

Elise, a reputable matchmaker, was making an appearance on a talk show when CEO Dax Wakefield showed up and criticized her methods. That’s how she ends up in a wager to see if she can find the right woman for him. However, as the interview to create his data profile proceeds, she finds herself attracted to him. Such a funny thing. But Elise is going to be a lot more surprised when she enters his data and her computer informs her that she is his best match!

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two wills become one 4  4

The hero and heroine would have never met had it not been for two things: 1) the hero despises the heroine for taking away his best friend by a witch (not really, it was really the heroine from the first novel) & 2) her coming to his studio to talk (his interpretation: advertise) about her matchmaking company. The two end up talking live and have a bet to see if the heroine can find the hero the perfect match. The hero has to answer forty seven questions and apply it to her company computer unique algorithm to find a match. In addition, the heroine has always taken upon herself to interview the applicants. It gives the two the perfect chance to learn more about each other because the hero doesn't answer the questions unless the heroine answers them herself. It's funny to read how they become attracted to each other's strong points that also drive them a little crazy. By the time all the questions are all answered, the hero tries to make a move on the heroine but she rejects him. Then she applies the answers to the algorithm and finds that her name popping up. She doesn't believe it and tries to deny it by changing it to someone those results are not high enough but good enough. She sends the hero the contact information but he's not excited by the date and keeps thinking back to the heroine. He runs to see the heroine and he gives her a passionate kiss. He confesses that all he could think about was her and she asks for a second chance, not giving going to admit that she was the best choice. He agrees but on his own terms. The terms being that they have a meal: they do the interview again and have pizza with a movie. The hero admits that he wants to be with the heroine but she denies him and he leaves angry. Then he comes back later that night to ask her what is love and more but it leads to a night of passion. He reveals about his mom leaving him and the pain he saw in his father as the man waited for his wife to come back as well as looking like her made him think nobody would love him. Although, the passion cools when the heroine slips up about her being the hero's match. The hero is incredibly hurt by this because he believes the heroine kept this information because he would have resisted and she would have lost the bet. He leaves stating that he's withdrawing from the statement. The heroine hurt confides in her clients/friends over the matter and they encourage her to fight for her man as she encourage them to do once upon a time. When it comes time for a foot ball game, the hero is invited by husband of the "witch" where they mend their relationship and the friend gives him a new aspect to see over the matter of love and being open. It was actually quite lovely. Next, the heroine's face appears on the big screen and she declares the hero the winner. Shocked, he finds the heroine at the doorway and she confesses her feelings for him. Right then, his ad for the heroine's company pops up and it's a marvelous ad. The hero confesses his love to the heroine and it ends quite happily. I really did enjoy this one.

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