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She kissed one of the most dangerous men she’s ever met. He has a troubled past and she’s living an unstable life. They could never work…could they?

Holly works for a world-renowned jewelry company. Jake was brought in by the company to help turn around their lagging business. Holly has been assigned as his personal assistant so that he’ll have all the resources he needs to get the job done. She knows that Jake has a reputation for being a ruthless businessman, and she needs to keep an eye on him. As they spend time together, something unexpected begins to stir between them. They don’t know how to handle it and end up sharing an unplanned kiss in the employee elevator. What a mistake! They must focus on the company, do whatever it takes to save it and try to keep their feelings from interfering with their work.

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3.5 smooth but a bit bland 4  4

The long lost son of the diamond company has been found but he wants to keep the whole thing a secret for the moment. Not unexpected because he's still reeling from his mother's big secret on her deathbed about how she stole him when he was a child. He's hired by his long lost family in order to find a leak in their corporation. They allow him, along with the heroine to help him. At first, he thinks they sent the heroine to seduce him since she looks are similar to a woman who betrayed him in the past but her attitude towards certain keywords state otherwise. The heroine has no idea for the first half of the book, who the hero really is. All she knows is that he's in control but she's more focused on trying to get away from her previous boss/ex-lover. The man is blackmailing the heroine to find dirt on the hero or he reveals their affair to their company. This puts the heroine is a cornered position because the hero catches her after hours, though he doesn't fire her. I did like seeing how the two beat around the bush in resisting their attraction for each other. When good PR and marriage talk spring up, the hero gets the heroine involved in the whole thing. This gives groundway for them to learn more about each other. For example, the heroine learns the hero's past and the roiling emotions he holds for his mother's secret when he loved her so much. I loved how she held his hand as he cried, although it only last for a moment. It's after that one moment where the both of them realize they want to be with the other person. So, the hero proposes to the heroine for real with listing paying off her family's debt as leverage. She agrees to the whole thing after much needed persuasion. Sadly, the heroine is cornered by her former boss who tells her that the hero denied her transfer. He even reveals this is all his revenge on her and the family because the dead boss said she should be promoted and not him. The whole thing causes discord between the hero and heroine not because the hero doesn't believe she didn't leak confidential information but the fact the heroine stated he wouldn't take her word for it. The whole factor of no trust or faith put into each other drives a good wedge between them. Times passes and we comes to a big climax with both persons wanting to be with each other but the heroine finds the divorce papers that the hero prepared in advance. When the heroine sets to sign them, the hero stops her and confesses his love for her. She confesses her love for him and we get a happy ending.

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