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A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!Don’t miss part one of the last installment of the Buchanan sibling series!

Recently divorced Dani has now discovered she’s not related to her siblings the way she thought! Dani is the youngest sibling of the Buchanan family, who dominate Seattle’s dining industry. But it turns out that she’s really the product of an affair her mother had. After losing her family name and her pride, she seeks out her real father in order to learn of her true family roots. But her father is a senator who’s running for the highest office in the land. When Dani visits him, his adopted son, Alex, shows up and tries to kick her out…

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Last of Buchanans 4  4

The heroine is the last of her family and has dealt a harsh blow in the last years from being married, having job, and working hard to receive praise from her harpy grandmother only to lose it all from the cruel grandma's insensitivity of her true parentage. Now, the grandmother wants to make amends since her hospital stay and how she's screwed it all up. Apart from giving the heroine an equal share, a little bit of information of the heroine's mother (poor woman was juggling 4 little kids, an haggish mother-in-law, and an alcoholic husband), and the true identity of the heroine's father who is in the running election for President. The heroine decides to visit the man and visits his adoptive son that's immediately suspicious and angered by the heroine's presence. However, she doesn't back down and gets to meet the father who believes the heroine. It's a lot for them both to take in and tell the families, especially the father's side. Not to mention the campaign and what people will twist it into. Frankly, I was a bit surprised the father didn't think about how his wife would react to the news when they've been adopting kids since she couldn't have kids. He thinks that she'll be fine but he has no idea. Now, we find out the hero's family dynamic with 8 siblings and half of them have special needs from HIV to Down's syndrome. We also find out that the hero's mom is a great mom who does everything she can to help her kids and is involved. We also get to meet the hero's ex-wife who keeps coming around in hopes she'll get back together with the hero. Nobody in the family knows why the hero divorced her out of the blue six months ago nor will he tell the family why. He keeps his mouth shut because his mother depends on the ex-wife for help and support since it's not easy being a mother of 8, a wife to a candidate for presidency, and a huge organizer to multiple charities. The 1st reason, we see the divorce is that the hero has noticed of how she avoids his special need siblings and that really irritates him but the 2nd comes later where he discovered she being with a OM on their dining room table. When the father and the mother are alone, he relays the day's news and it hits her hard. She hides it well from him but through the book, it's really tough on her. Yet, she's really nice to the heroine who unlike her biological father knows her presence is a lot for the woman to handle. I did like that we get to see from the hero's perspective, especially after that kiss. We also see the positive impact the mother had on the hero of being a kid who everyone gave up till she came along and helped him trough his trauma and panic attacks. Then the heroine's existence is revealed and twisted when a cruel reporter targets one of the siblings with down syndrome with a puppy and makes such a degrading comment that the hero punches him but destroys the very evidence that would have helped him in being sued for assault. The father gets mad at the hero for punching the reporter but it's the mother who gets ticked at the dad for getting mad at the hero who was protecting and defending his sister. I loved how the heroine handles the reporters at work with if they want to stay they have order off the very expensive menu or she can call the police on them for trespassing. I do like that we get to see the father and mother interaction with the father stating he doesn't care if the woman never borne him a child and he's sorry for the stress that it's all calling but he loves her and only wants her to accept the heroine. Further along, we see the heroine's side of the family becoming closer and closer with building bridges and more. Afterwards, the mother brings up the issue between the hero and his Ex but he still keeps his mouth. Unknowingly, the Ex overhears everything and sets up a pity scene to get the mother to push harder into getting the hero and it works. The hero and heroine start talking more and more with the hero learning about the heroine's divorce but the story ends in a tense mode when he tells her to grow up when it comes to make a public statement at a party that she doesn't want to do. That is where the story ends.

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