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To get a divorce and receive financial aid, she must go on a last honeymoon…

“Dio, my shackle that binds me…” It all started when Lucy’s father arranged her marriage with Dio. Despite it being a political marriage, the two were in love… Lucy was hopeful for her romantic marriage until the night of their wedding, when she finds out that Dio proposed to her solely to get revenge on her father. After her shock, she decides to act as a perfect wife in front of him. Since then, the two became a couple for show. But now Lucy has reached her limit and pleads for divorce when Dio suggests their first and last honeymoon…

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3.5 three years miscommunication 4  4

The heroine and hero are in a marriage that the heroine thought it was based on love till her wedding night, where she heard her father and new husband (hero) talk about how their marriage was just the hero's revenge on the heroine's abusive father. Sadly, the heroine only heard about the taking revenge with marriage and not the part where the hero states that the father isn't worth the effort to take revenge. She shuts him out on their wedding night and he thinks she's just some awful woman. They only meet at public gatherings and such for three years till the heroine has had enough with women telling her to divorce the hero, so they can take a whack at him, encouraged by her maid to make a change, and her life goal. She goes to to the hero, requesting a divorce. I did like that we got to see both sides of the discussion of how it goes and it ends with the hero getting curious about the heroine's activities. He makes quite an entrance when he thinks she's having an affair with a man but it turns out he broke the door to an inner city organization school for kids. The hero is awed by her passion and negotiates a deal that he'll sponsor the school if she'll come with him on the honeymoon that they never took. The two finally start talking and learning more about each other. The heroine opens up about the abuse from rich men, especially from her father. Once the two are alone on a tropical island, they start having fun with swimming and enjoying each other's company. Then the heroine gets sick and the hero blames himself because he didn't protect her but she makes it out alright. Their vacation ends on a sour note with the two finally separate but are saddened by each other's lack of presence. We also learn that the hero's "revenge" stems from his father was cheated out by the heroine's father but realizes even though his parents were poor, they had love and decides to fight for the heroine. He gets down on one knee and asks the heroine to marry him again. He gives a lovely speech and the heroine accepts his proposal. They move into a nice little flat and make plans for the future.

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