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His charming ways seem awfully dangerous. But I can't pass up this opportunity.

Ever since her ex-boyfriend left her, Martha has been raising her son alone. One day, she gets an offer to work for Lewis Mansfield as his niece’s nanny. Lewis needed someone reliable to accompany him to St. Bonaventure, which happens to be where Martha’s ex-boyfriend works. She hopes this job will be a good chance to reunite with her ex. Lewis, who gives her the cold shoulder, looked stern and difficult at first, but shows a softer side with children. Now every time Martha sees his warm smile, she cannot stop her heart racing…

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family is made of 5  5

The book really held my interest with the message it was giving. In order to understand, I will start at the beginning where the heroine who was once a fashion magazine's editor becomes a nanny to the hero' niece whose mother cares little for the child's wellbeing but enough to call the heroine and offer the job of being little girl's nanny. Despite the hero's reservations, the heroine is hired since the little girl takes to her immediately as well as the little boy. The heroine does a splendid job and even gets the hero involved with the bathing and the feeding. It's quite sweet but the heroine has another motive for taking the job because it's where her son's birth father is and she hasn't been able to contact him to notify of anything and found taking this job the only way to tell him. She does come clean to the hero and there's a bit of tension on the matter but it ends on a good note with the hero offering his help. Simply, because the heroine convinces him that the son needs to know who his father is and vice versa. Sadly, his help comes with using his business (a real snake) partner. The woman has got her eyes on the hero and sees the heroine as competition. The woman doesn't have a kind bone in her body and would have made an impression if she wasn't so mean to his niece and she's even worse to the heroine. The perfect example is when the hero invites the heroine to a party and when she's talking to other people "men", he stares at her rather than at the business partner. In retaliation for being ignored, she announces loudly all the heroine's personal information as a "way" of "helping" her but putting the heroine in a bad light. I was just happy that before the heroine left the scene, she threw her champagne at the woman's face with the hero running after her. It does open the opportunity for them to reveal their attraction and go the next level. Afterwards, the two acting like a family with caring for the children but the heroine doubts if it is all okay because of what she planned to do in the first place. She's not the only one with doubts because the hero wants to keep the heroine in his life but holds by his ideas of no ring and no kids. Unfortunately, the two separate on sad terms when the heroine learns from the snake that the hero found the birth father but made no mention of it. The heroine goes to be with the birth father and it was heartbreaking to see the two little kids cry as they realized they were being separated from each other. She learns that the birth father is making an effort but he's not much interested or ready to be a father to the little boy. She also realizes how much she fallen out of love with the man and misses the hero and niece. She sits the father down and tells she's leaving and he will always be the boy's father. She goes back to the hero to find them drenched in soap water and they fall back into their routine. Once everything is settled, the heroine and hero have a talk with each other. The heroine learns the niece's mother has signed over rights to the hero. She is also told by the hero that he loves her and wants to be with her as a real family. It gave such a lovely message of how family is without blood but a means of care and love. I really liked it.

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