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She’d dreamed of love and a future with him, but it seems he couldn’t be trusted.

Receptionist Susie wanted to run away—the new owner of her company was Greek millionaire Leos Kiriakos! He had become even more charming since she had last seen him. Fourteen months ago, Susie met him while working under contract and had fallen in love. She’d given him her body and her heart and believed he loved her back. But that had been an illusion. When she visited his apartment, a scantily clad woman answered the door, so Susie ran away. And now she had no desire to see him again. She thought she might be able to leave the office before Leos spotted her, but she was wrong.

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It wasn't too bad with how the romance played out quickly. The heroine is in a relationship with the great hero and in her mourning to her recently departed mother, she notices the hero is distancing himself from her. She doesn't know that it's because he's giving her space to grieve because he cares. So, imagine her surprise when she knocks on his door to find another woman(It was his sister-in-law who was with his brother and they recently suffered a miscarriage) opening it and spouting rude things at her. She runs away and disappears from the hero's sight for two years and has their child alone. Then she runs into him at his company and he hires her to be his secretary as some form of keeping her close and doing things she doesn't want to do like getting presents for his present girlfriends. They go through this whole process of figuring each other out and during this time, the hero discovers the baby boy. Now, it was quite surprising that the man never considered the boy to be his since the math puts them around the time they were together. In fact, he only gets it when the heroine admits the son is his and he's angry over being kept away from the son by the heroine. I did like that the hero asked for the heroine's side of the story and she told him that she was afraid he would accuse her of intentionally trapping him like one of his friends was. Then we have the marriage for the child and heroine refuses on the basis of wanting love. She leaves with the little boy and the hero runs after her, shouting that he is in love with her in front of their entire company staff. Then we end it with the heroine accepting the hero's second proposal and we get a nice ending. It was decent, just not harlequin romance that was getting me going.

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