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Thanks to Colleen, Nick’s carefree escape is suddenly much more complicated.

Veterinarian Nick, who lost his beloved wife in July, becomes depressed as summer approaches, so his twin brother, Neal, the star of a popular TV show, proposes that they change places for the summer. Living his brother’s playboy life in the city is good for a change, but things get complicated when he and sexy costar, Colleen, kiss. Nick finds her intoxicating, and it’s clear that Colleen is interested in him, too, but is it Nick she’s falling for or his brother?

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twin gets love 4  4

The hero is a small town vet who's tired of everyone walking around him on eggshells since his wife passed away. He tries to go on a trip with his twin brother who's a celebrity till the twin brother's celebrity schedule pulls him away. However, the two decide to switch places when they were kids to get away from it all. The hero thinks for moment of a mutual friend he spoke to on the topic of providing sperm donation but fails to mention it to his brother. I also liked seeing that it's not the other brother who's gets mistaken for the hero but the hero the other way around. The hero really dived into the deep end with being in show business. It's through show business that he meets the heroine, a fellow costar and the hero's "new lover". As he gets to know her, he discovers there's a woman who's fought hard to in this line of business when she has gotten so tired of being "sexy everything job occupation". She's been doing it since she was seven with little to no true support from anyone. I liked how he treated her with an ice cream sundae but he ruined it by stating they weren't sleeping together on public television, which is what she didn't want. The heroine then gets a blast from the past like an itch to a rash. An ex-boyfriend comes calling to use the heroine for publicity but she won't do it but she already fell into a trap with her own publicity people using her as a scape goat. Luckily, they brought the hero along who takes the heroine away and sees what she has to go through. In fact, he's the only one in the entire group who goes out looking for the heroine when she doesn't come back. It's a good thing too because she got roughhoused by her ex who again wanted to use her for publicity. He pulls them over for the night to have a milkshake and chili dog fun. It was so sweet of him and the heroine trusts him enough to tell her own story and her heart. The hero knowing what she feels, kisses her and stop. As they sleep in their sleeping bags and contemplate their feelings for each other. The next morning, the two help with some real disaster and make a positive impact on them both. The hero realizes his feelings for the heroine and tries to shut them away. When the hero and heroine are alone, the hero is unable to keep silent of his charade. He reveals to the heroine of his true identity and she doesn't take it well. She claims she hates the hero and he goes back home heartbroken. After three weeks, the heroine wishes to turn back time to be with the hero. Funny enough, the hero comes back as an actor and states his love for the heroine in front of everyone. The heroine does the same and she even accepts his marriage proposal. It's a nice double wedding with everyone.

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