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How can she confess to her crimes when she has no memory of them?

Widowed Anna lives a quiet life in a small town. Until the day that Ward arrives at her house accusing her of fraud. She locks herself in, but he seems determined to stay until she gives back the money she stole. What should she do? When Ward finally enters the house, he finds her unconscious and injured. She regains consciousness at the hospital, but she’s lost her memory and now, for some reason, believes that Ward is her lover!

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little confused on this one 3  3

If you have read my review in the first of this series then you would know that it's only the second one and we still have three more women to go. Unlike the first one where I was a bit disappointed with the delay of justice on the fiend, I was more confused with this heroine's head. It's because the woman had willingly put her name on a written agreement with the fool in an effort to catch him. Unfortunately, putting her signature on something he can use for diabolical means can implicate her for crimes of fraud and theft (the man has a real talent for those). Theft like stealing the hero's younger brother out of his money with a high interest rate that brings the angry hero to the heroine's doors. Now, a fight occurs with the hero getting locked out of the heroine's house then coming in to find her collapsed on the floor (from finding out that the fiend stole all her money from her personal account). He rushes her to the hospital and she wakes up amnesic, missing the last few months of her life and thinks the hero is her lover because the nurses said so. The hero then takes the heroine home and they begin bonding with each other. Being with the heroine and taking a look at her way of life as well as how she acts lead the hero to doubt that she's really an accomplice in the theft business not to mention he's desperately fighting his attraction to her (he loses it first night). Not to mention his guilt of how she proclaims his love and he knows it's not true. Bit by bit the two open up about their past marriages and the hero takes her to his home. However, after spending some time at his house, she overhears a conversation between him and the younger brother about the crook. This triggers her memories to come back and she runs off into the storm to get her dog. She's unable to find him but the hero finds them both and takes them back. Once, the heroine awakens, the hero proclaims his love for her and the heroine doesn't believe him. She doesn't say anything and leaves for home the next morning with only a note behind to inform the hero her memories have returned. The separation have caused the two to become miserable and the hero is encouraged by one of the heroine's friends to go after her even with her sharp clawed cat standing guard. He is indeed well scratched and expresses his love for the heroine who expresses her love for him too. They hold each other and make a start on their relationship. It was nice, just confusing why the heroine put herself so out in the open with the fiend when she knew just how capable he was as well as being in a conspiracy to take him down.

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