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The man I love is my father’s enemy! How am I to handle this twist of fate?

Luka is the son of a mafia don. Sophie is the daughter of the don’s right-hand man. The two pledged their love to each other as children. But when they’re all grown up, it’s the don who orders them to marry. Luka hates his father and so refuses to marry Sophie. Then the don, Luka and Sophie’s father are all arrested in a surprise raid. Later, the don and Luka are acquitted and released, while only Sophie’s father is found guilty. From that moment on, Luka becomes Sophie’s greatest enemy.

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Roarin' Twenties 4  4

The story was a fresh one, I did like how we had a romance set at a different time instead of the victorian era or medieval era but around the Roarin' Twenties. The hero and heroine have been living under the tyranny of the hero's father a mafia don that has done everything from forcing women into prostitution to killing without the twitch of an eye. The man doesn't even hesitate to beat his son black and blue when he was a child. During their captivity, the heroine and hero grow close not because they are arranged to be married but that they understand each other for having parents in the mafia. Then the hero goes on to private school and the heroine has to stay behind and becomes a maid. When the hero comes home, he tells his father that he's not doing what the man says, which spurs the old goat to return to beating the hero with his cane. The hero stumbles onto the heroine in the same shape she would find him as a child. As they start to grow intimate, a police raid comes down on them and it becomes worse. The Don's corrupt influence has everyone except for the heroine's father found innocent. The hero is distraught but he had no choice but to agree or else the heroine would have been dragged along. Late one night, the hero and heroine meet and the hero asks the the heroine to escape with him but she rejects him on the fact that he's the enemy's son. Her words break his heart and he doesn't see her for five years till after his father's funeral. During his tidying up of the place, the hero discovers the evidence that confirm his father was responsible for killing the heroine's mother. He weeps in horror of his father's crimes and realization that what he thought of the heroine's father as a weak man, realized he sacrified himself in order to protect his daughter. He comes to the decision to help the father in any way he can. He starts by getting him out of prison on the base that he's dying anyway. The heroine has no idea of course and is pressured by her father's fading fantasy of marrying the hero. So, she goes to the hero and proposes a fake marriage in front of god in order to satisfy her father. The hero rejects her proposal on the basis that he lied under the name of god once and he can't do it again. However, he decides to do a fake engagement in order to ease the man's suffering. The hero and heroine are both suffering from guilt for each other what with the heroine feeling like she's blackmailing the hero when he had nothing to do with it or the hero over the heroine's mother's death. Unfortunately, the father keeps pressuring for a wedding before he dies but the hero is still against it. So, the father wants to go back home to make a confession. When he's alone with a priest, the hero comes in for a private moment and shows him the evidence that connects the Don to the mother's murder. He tries to convince the father not to pressure the heroine to marry him but the father stands strong, even suggests the hero throw away the necklace. The two have their final confrontation at the same place where the heroine rejected the hero's proposal. She reveals that she's always loved the hero and regretted not going with him that night. The hero also reveals his feelings along with the heavy burden of how the heroine's mother died. He tells the heroine that he'll wait for her tomorrow. She comes at the last second, dolled up in her mother's jewelry and with the words that she stands by the hero through it all because she loves him. It was really a sweet ending and liked it.

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