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Will my forbidden love for him be revealed?

As she ran out of a strip club with a baby in her arms, Paige bumped into Marc, her deceased best friend’s husband. Paige couldn’t help but curse her misfortune. Ever since the day she danced with him as a bridesmaid, she’d secretly loved him. Now, a month after their chance meeting, Marc has appeared in front of her again to ask her to come to his island so he can give his wife’s inheritance to her. Despite being shocked and wary, Paige agrees to go and soon finds herself in an island paradise.

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it was alright 3  3

It was a decent story for me, nothing to get my heart going but decent. The heroine has an intense hatred for men with the long line of men she has encountered and heard of from her friend, her dead cousin (hero's dead wife), and herself. I mean, she falls in love with her cousin's fiancee then turned husband and tries to hide her feelings for him then finds out from the cousin that the hero is cheating. There is also the fact that she was left to pick up the pieces of her mother after her father left them, destroying her opportunity of going to college. Afterwards, she is sexually harassed by her boss whom she rejects and he kicks her out of the company and smears her name to the point where she can only get a job as a janitor at a strip club where she met her friend. The very friend who has to strip to support herself and baby boy because her man took off with all her money, leaving her to take up a job like that. Now, after six years of no contact with the man, the heroine runs into him as she's taking the little boy to the hospital. Misunderstandings pop up and are later cleared but not before harsh words are exchanged between the hero and heroine. The hero comes by with news that the heroine's cousin who died in an accident two years ago has left her a will and money with a condition that she goes and stay with the hero for a week to relax.The heroine refuses then agrees after listening to the hero's reasoning. During this time, she learns of the hero's actions against her former boss and how she never has to worry about finding another job. However, during their week, two of them have their ups and downs in the progression of their relationship. The heroine also learns that her friend was given a nanny job that allowed her to raise her son with the employer's children and they were given an apartment rent free (hero's doing). The man really couldn't be inconspicuous because the heroine knew right away that it was the hero's doing when the words, "Rent-free" came up. She also learns from the hero that he never cheated on his wife because the so called "mistress" is really his half-sister as a result from one of his philandering father's conquests and they were keeping it secret on behalf of the half-sister's father who raised her with love. The wife never knew it either and he also admits that he fell in love with the heroine too but buried his feelings because he was marrying the cousin who was the perfect wife for him. After this whole confession of love, the two decide to get married and the heroine opens the inheritance that reveals a letter from the cousin who states if she's reading this letter then the heroine is marrying the hero and the cousin wishes them all the happiness. It was a nice ending, it just didn't get me excited.

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