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You may regret what happened eleven years ago…but I’ll always treasure that night.

Rachel and Matt have been friends ever since they were children. They both came from wealthy families and looked out for one another. They were close until one fateful night at their graduation dance. After a wonderful night together, things started to heat up, but Matt stopped himself before things went too far. He was determined not to take advantage of the trust of his longtime friend. Things have never been quite the same since. Then, over a decade later, the two of them were reunited under somber circumstances. Matt’s wife had just passed away and he needed help caring for his son. Has enough time passed to heal their wounds? Is Matt ready to love again?

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Bilbo and Thorin 4  4

The story was quite a bit of a twist. The heroine and hero are old friends whose relationship ended up on the picket fence when prom night ended up with them going at it in the car and the hero regretting it. The whole thing hurts the heroine because she's in love with him but he's more concerned with betraying the trust of her family and distance is put between them. Years later, the hero and heroine are facing a tense today and a shaky future. The hero has been dealing with the loss of his wife who died in a plane with his family's enemy with paparazzi speculating a lot of things like his son being the product of his son and enemy. So, in anger and pain against the man, he has launched a business war to take over and destroy the enemy's family company even though none of them have had anything to do what their boss and father did. He even believes his great personal secretary who left him for her family's company was because she was family. I read the book with her romance and there were two reasons why she left him: 1) she fell back in love and 2) he kept accusing her of standing by her family when she was on his side and ousting her. I can't imagine how hurt I would be if my years of dedicated service to my boss went up in smoke because of that. The heroine has been helping him take care of his son and sees what he's becoming and it's not positive. Their relationship in this situation that I would like to call, "Battle of the five armies". The whole irony is that the hero and heroine's relationship is parallel to the relationship to Thorin and Bilbo from the movie. In the movie, the character Bilbo (heroine) holds the key to Thorin (hero)'s succession but seeing how obsessed he's become and lost sight of what's important, Bilbo keeps it hidden and tries to help Thorin. It's the same with the heroine, she pushes the hero to spend time with his son and even pushes for the DNA test to clear the air of whether the boy is his son or no. She even tries to pursue a romantic relationship that he fights against. The first thing he does right is get a DNA test, which proves he's the father. Then the hero takes one look at his wife's picture to get a theory in his head and proves it to be true with the power of DNA: his wife wasn't his enemy's lover but illegitimate daughter. The two were in a conspiracy to ruin the hero from the inside out. The hero knows the heroine's feelings for him but can't return them. However, the heroine is able to get him to spend one night with her. Then she packs up in the morning to never see him and leaves behind the key to his succession. She ends up having the last word and leaves with him realizing how stupid he's been and runs after the heroine all the way to her home. As the heroine lies on her couch, she gets on the news that states the hero isn't taking over the enemy's company. After, she finds the hero at her doorstep. There's a some push and pull between the two with the heroine dismissing his confession of love to be true and the hero restating that it is true. It's not a bad confession and she accepts his proposal of love. We have a cute ending of a wedding and more.

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