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Could a makeover really change Cindy’s life?

Cindy, a secretary, is in love with her workaholic boss, Kyle. But to him, Cindy is nothing more than a trustworthy coworker. He forgot her birthday and she knows she’ll never turn his head with her looks. But maybe someday a Kyle will fall for her intellect. Cindy’s friends decide to help her out, and so for her birthday they get her a makeover. Transformed on the surface, Cindy is still the same woman she always was, but Kyle’s reaction to the change leaves Cindy shocked!

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3.5 looks aren't everything 4  4

The heroine has been working as the hero's secretary for years and holding a torch for him. She thinks the hero won't notice her and decides to change everything from going big clothes and glasses to contacts and form fitting ones. She thinks that men will only like women when they dress up or pay attention if they give them the "cookie". However, she's basing her ideas on the fact that her mother was a high class escort (and prostitute) who was with many men who were only with her for her beauty and body. Not all men are like that, plus women should never dress up for men but for themselves. The heroine thinks the hero will fall in love with her like that. With the help of her colleagues/friends, they give her a makeover that sweeps the men off their feet. The hero is no exception and it makes it harder since he's always liked the heroine but wanted to stay away from crossing the line. When the two are finally alone after her makeover, the hero pulls her in for a passionate kiss. He then pushes her away, distraught of crossing the line but the heroine thinks that he'll only see her for her recent makeover. In order to push things along, her friends enlist the hero's help in helping the heroine practice dating before she makes a move to the guy she has her eye on. The hero agrees and right after the date, the heroine confesses the half of the lie was false. Yet, the hero doesn't get angry from it and states that no matter how she changes her look, his opinion won't change. His words touch the heroine's heart and she wants to tell him the full truth. Unfortunately, the lie spins out of control when the hero scolds the mail boy (in cahoots with the heroine's friends to make the hero jealous) harshly. This caused the heroine to fight with him. The two are given three days apart to cool their heads and reflect on their feelings. When the hero comes back from their trip, he asks the heroine out on a real date. Before she can tell him the full truth, he confesses how he misses her and wants to marry her. Now, she's caught between a rock and a hard place with finally being with the man she's loves but she's lied to him, something he can't stand because of how bad his last serious relationship went. Apparently, the guy fell in love with a woman who only used him to climb her way to the business world and left him in the dust when he proposed to her. The whole thing makes the heroine sick because she thinks she's turning out like her mother. It throws her into a panic mode but the hero is there to assist and takes her home. It's there that she confesses about her past and the her fears of the hero only wanting her for her beauty. The hero states it's not true and confesses his love for her. Then she confesses her lie because she's been in love with the hero for years as well. The hero laughs and says her lies are different from the last woman, stating he still loves her. They spend the night and have a great ending.

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