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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!A million dollars for one night with the Spanish businessman!

Her unrequited love, the man she’s always longed for, has offered to buy her for a night! Emilio Rios is a Spanish businessman known for his ruthless business practices and splashy affairs with women. He’s her brother’s good friend, and Megan had been secretly in love with him since she was young. Right up until two years ago when he accused her of being a loose woman who preys on men’s baser instincts! After that she hadn’t wanted to ever see him again, but cruel fate brought her and Emilio together again at the airport in Madrid. And now he’s bound her to him with an unfair contract!

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The heroine and hero are connected through the heroine's half brother who is practically the only family member who loves and gives her the emotional support she needs to carry on. The two are in love with each other but the hero's is obligated to follow his family's rules and married a girl they chose. Things turn sour later on when the hero rescues the heroine from being assaulted by one of her professors but he says a lot of hurtful things to her like how she dresses and etc. This puts a real damper on their relationship and they don't see each other for two years. During this time, the hero and his wife divorce because of the lack of love and he gets a lot of heat for divorcing when he could have gotten a mistress. However, he didn't want to be like his philandering father and divorce his wife. Now, his friend (the heroine's half-brother) wants to marry the hero's ex but the ex is worried about the hero even though the hero has stated constantly that he's fine. He runs into the both the ex and the heroine and follows his instincts: he kisses the heroine. The heroine is flabbergasted by all this and even more so when the hero drags her to his place for the nights since there are no other rooms. The hero decides to woo the heroine into his arms with cooking meals and more. They're able to clear things up from the incident two years and make intimate progression their relationship. That is until the heroine from the half-brother about the hero and her giving the ex the push to accept their marriage since she thinks the hero moved on with the heroine. The heroine thinks that the hero only used her and runs off back to the airport with the hero chasing after her. He opens his heart to the heroine of his love for her and how long it runs back. The heroine accepts his love and confesses that she loves him too. They walk back to his home with talk about marriage.

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