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Will the wedding planner ever have her own happily-ever-after?

Natalie is a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in love. As she’s coordinating a wedding for her good friend, she reunites with Colin, who has become a wealthy businessman, for the first time in fourteen years. He holds a special place in her memories as her first crush. Taken with his warm, dazzling smile, she invites him out to dinner, only to be promptly refused! However, several days later Colin requests that she plan his younger sister’s wedding. But this time, why is he the one who is pursuing her?

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Interesting plot 4  4

The story was something to tell with the heroine holding back from taking a chance till the very end. The heroine stems from the pain of a father who couldn't think what a negative impact it would make on his little girl (don't matter if she was a child or a teenager) than to leave on Christmas day. I mean, I sympathize with the man who stayed with his cheating wife at the time for his daughter but GOOD NIGHT IRENE!!!!! What was he thinking leaving the poor teenage daughter on Christmas day??????!!!! This whole thing is the root of the heroine's constant rejection of the hero's flirtations, dates, and then his rather un-seemingly short but romantic proposal. In fact, I was pretty shocked that he jumped the gun so quickly when he was reeling her in so well. The hero and heroine reunite because the heroine's friend wants to get married but the hero wants a traditional wedding for them. This is where the heroine's company and her time spent with the hero comes in. I was surprised the heroine didn't push for time with the bride and the groom harder than settling for her teenage crush. She tries to blow off acting cool, but on the inside has her squirming around. The hero is interested in the heroine but has been so interested since his ex-wife who cheated on him then got pregnant. He panicked and rushed into the marriage only to have the birth father claim responsibility where he let both wife and unborn child go for both their and the man's sakes. Although, I can't blame the hero for all the flirting like the heroine licking off some cake off his face; that's hardcore flirting if not invasion of privacy that I ever did see. Not that the hero minded anyway. He works slowly to earn the her trust then it goes south with his proposal. She rejects and he calls her out for using her parent's divorce as an excuse for not pursuing love. It ends badly with both of them miserable. Then on the day of the wedding, the hero's sister eloped to Las Vegas. So, the wedding is off till the heroine get down on one knee and asks the hero to marry her because she does love him but she was afraid. It was quite an interesting if not good ending for the two.

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