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With their past, Lexie never dreamed they could have a future together.

It’s been two years since Lexie left her Greek millionaire husband, Xenon. She’s been working as a jewelry designer, and just as the wounds in her heart had finally begun to heal, Xenon appears on her doorstep. Lexie’s younger brother is deep in debt and has come to Xenon for help. Xenon has a familiar smug smile on his handsome face as he makes Lexie a deal. He’ll help her younger brother…if she’ll come back to him. After the way he shut her out two years ago, what could he possibly be thinking now?

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It wasn't too bad of a romance; it's about the hero and heroine who had to grow up independent and strong too quick in their lives. The hero suddenly became head of family and company when he was only 18 when his dad died. The heroine is the eldest of three kids who sheltered her younger brothers from the neglected and abusive life. The two meet when the heroine is a pop star then get married. However, marriage life isn't what they were expecting. The heroine is literally left with nothing to do what with not having to work, gave up her singing career to be with him, and there's a staff to do everything. Plus, the hero is always working all the time and she has a grumbling mother-in-law who doesn't like the heroine for her celebrity past. Their marriage only took a turn for the worse after the heroine suffers her 2nd miscarriage. Both having a hard time to communicate in their pain, only sparks a separation from each other. The heroine leaves and gets a new life in a small town till the hero comes knocking. He's come to tell her about her brother's recent run-in with the drugs that got him in hot water with some bad guys. The hero offers his help, only if the heroine will come with him to see his dying grandmother who was one of the nice relatives to the heroine under the guise that they've gotten back together. The heroine agrees but she has no idea that it wasn't the brother who went to the hero but the hero because he wants to get back together with the heroine since he's never stopped loving her. She goes back and reunites with a much nicer mother-in-law. Throughout the plot there's a tug-of-war between the hero and heroine on their feelings for both past and present. They go over how things should have been done differently as well as words that should have been said. The hero does confess later that he loves the heroine and wants to be with her. The heroine states he won't because after the 2nd miscarriage, she discovered she has a problem that not only ruins her chances of having a healthy pregnancy but any child born from her will die. She closes off the hero and leaves for home. Then she gets a surprise visit from the brother's off the drugs and having a stable lifestyle. He reveals the hero's hand in the whole thing and it was because he loves the heroine. So, she runs after him and we get a cry fest. It's a big thing because the heroine has never cried nor has the hero ever seen her. We get a heart to heart talk with the two of them reaffirming their feelings for each other. We get a couple of hopscotch steps where the heroine and hero have reconnected, adopted a baby girl, and are living a happy life.

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