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No matter how dashing he is, the duke is still entirely wrong about this society lady!

In the five years since Lady Mariah Beecham, the widowed Countess of Carlisle, lost her husband, rumors have proliferated throughout society about how she’s used her great beauty to take on a string of lovers. Believing those rumors, Darian Hunter, the Duke of Wolfingham, approached Mariah to ask her to leave his younger brother alone. The rumors are, however, baseless—Lady Mariah has never truly been loved by any man. Unable to endure his rebuke, she attempts to push him aside, but just then, the duke faints in her arms!

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for country and love 5  5

The hero has a bad impression of the heroine because of her widow and seductress status. He worries that his younger brother who has been hanging around her will be her next victim. So, for the next 20 pages, he says a lot of cruel and horrible things, despite the heroine helping him with his shoulder wound. The two have a harsh exchange of words but the heroine has the last on calling the hero out on his bad behavior when he believes the many rumors about her. Then he learns the hard truth that the brother isn't after the heroine but after her daughter. So, he goes to the heroine to apologize and request the her daughter and his brother marry. The heroine is against the whole thing because she got married when she was her daughter's age and it was a disastrous marriage. I actually liked(even though it was horrible) that the harlequin comic brought one of history's past cultures that was horrendous: women being forced to marry their rapists. This doesn't happen till later and by then the hero and heroine learn they were work for the same agency against outside spies and sabotage against the french like Napoleon. The hero also learns the how the heroine came to work for the service when she ousted her horrible husband when discovering his french loyalties and crimes against Britain. Then the two go on a mission to a rather raunchy mansion where illicit things happen. The mission also gives the hero to show that he's a good egg to the heroine when he protects her from a man's advances, something she wasn't given. His act has her open up about everything and he comforts her. However, after a night together the heroine puts up her wall again. They go on their mission and it gets thrilling with the chasing and the twist. We end it with the hero and heroine confessing their love for each other and getting married. It's rather sweet with the end of the wedding and the hero giving his brother two year wait before asking the heroine's daughter's hand in marriage. It was a very romantic ending and I loved the things brought up.

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