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Why does he want his wife back now when they’ve been estranged for ten years?

On a stormy night Jacqui’s estranged husband, Nate, suddenly comes knocking on the door of her veterinary clinic and home—and he’s running a high fever. His car broke down, forcing him to walk to her clinic, so Jacqui has no choice but to let him in. In his delirious state, Nate says he wants his wife back. He’s now a billionaire businessman and his charm has only increased with time. But they can’t just rewind the past ten years. They still want different things. The next morning, Nate suggests a temporary reconciliation, but Jacqui can’t help but wonder if it’s only for business reasons…

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Reunite after ten years. 4  4

The hero and heroine are separated and haven't seen each other in ten years. Although, the heroine's mother has so "graciously" sends the heroine clippings of her separated. As if the woman wants to see all that!!! The mother has to be completely dumb to think it's okay to send all that stuff when it's just emotionally hurting her girl, what is wrong with her??? Then out of the blue, the hero comes to the heroine's place for help: his business partner and great friend's sixth wife is putting the moves on him and he wants her to stop but doesn't want to destroy her marriage and his friendship to the friend because the hero cares about him. The heroine agrees on the condition that he signs the divorce papers. Now, the hero and heroine were married when they were poor students in their different fields; however, the hero wanted to go into business because of what happened to his father. The hero's father had a business that failed with all the employees who lost their jobs and the father took his life. The hero and his mother had to live in their car for some time. Yet, their marriage fell apart because she wanted kids and he wanted to wait due to his fear of being poor till it was too late for her to have kids. Now, in the short time they are together, the 6th wife illegally copies a key to the hero's apartment and goes to his bed to pounce him naked. The hero is shocked and tries to wiggle out of her viper grip but it's too late. The heroine and the friend come in at the wrong time!! When things are about to escalate, the heroine saves the day by ensuring a cat fight between the 6th wife and the heroine. It was quite funny to see and it put the hero out of the friend's missile. With the contract failing, the heroine wants to go back to her life and the hero doesn't want to let her go. There's a lot of ups and downs between the two on where their relationship lies and such with the hero having to work on his words a lot. When he's able to say the right things and answer the right questions to the heroine, she gives him another chance with a kiss. It's really quite a sweet ending, especially with the apologies made from the friend and his 6th wife.

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