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They share intoxicating kisses…but does Sophie really know what’s on Kit’s mind?

After unraveling a layer of misunderstandings, Sophie and Kit are now together. But when Kit comes back home from a long deployment, Sophie notices something off about him, even though their lovemaking is as passionate as ever. Still, she’s elated when he asks her to marry him and visit his mother with him. What Sophie still doesn’t know is that Kit has been hiding something big from her…

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I enjoyed the story of how it goes with the hero and heroine having overcome the whole misunderstandings to have a relationship with each other. I also like the second part of the story is about confronting themselves with their own fears of the future and the past. We learn that the hero and his brother who we thought weren't related, it turns out that they are actually cousins. Apparently, the hero's father was the older brother to the dead man. When his mother and father met, it was when his now uncle tried to woo the mother but she wasn't more interested in his quiet brother. They began a relationship but he was called to war with the promise of marrying her. However, when he sent word for the mother, his brother intercepted it. The man had a whole problem with the older brother being successful and decided to one up him by lying to the woman and having her marry him. Then she finds out her beloved is alive but is suffering from a severe disease that will paralyze him. She divorced the brother to marry the hero's father and be with him and when he died then she would go back to the hero. She didn't expect it to be sixteen years too late and by then, she even that she had broken her relationship with her son. This whole newfound information has the hero quaking in his boots because he's a bomb specialist who's unknowingly is suffering from PTSD. His whole mind is overcome with seeing his friend who's got a fiancee and a baby on the way become dispirited from an explosion that caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down, the disease he might have inherited, the truth of his parents, and the fear of confining the heroine to a life of nurse when she's a great actress. The heroine has her own issues from finding out she has a slim chance of getting pregnant after they find out the hero is the rightful owner of the castle and needs an heir with the whole living on the bus life background. She fears that she might not be good enough for the hero. This is actually the next thing that I really enjoyed is both of them taking rein in facing their fears and issues both separately to find closure and together for the future. I found it sweet how the hero goes to encourage his bedridden friend to take physical therapy but is encouraged to not give up on the heroine as well as the heroine is by her mother. I found the whole thing to be very sweet and it was a great ending. On another note, I did like that during the time, the cousin was the heir that he didn't slack off from his duties when he hated doing them.

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