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Tomorrow my body will become an object for sale. Tonight is my only night of freedom with the one I love...

One day, when maid Bella took breakfast up to the deluxe suite of the luxury hotel where she works, she was frozen by what she saw. It was Matteo, her lover from five years ago...in bed with another woman! Since escaping Sicily, where they both grew up, he’s become a famous and wealthy entrepreneur. There are even rumors that he’s bought the hotel Bella works at! Long ago, the night before eighteen-year-old Bella was to be sold into prostitution, she gave Matteo her virginity, and they promised each other they would escape their mafia-controlled island. However, Bella was unable to escape with him that night and remained trapped for many years. So why, after finally reuniting, does Matteo look at Bella with eyes full of resentment and anger?

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editor's comment - February 15th, 2019

I really like the hero and heroine since although they used to live in misery, they always stayed kind and strong.It was really touching when the heroine decided to live proudly and pursue her happiness with the hero after what happened to her.

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Sequel to Roarin' twenties 4  4

The hero and heroine are best friends to our previous hero and heroine who share the same feelings of being caged in their little hometown by the Don. They both fear the future set before them like the hero having to do the Don's dirty work as a future right hand man and the heroine forced to become a prostitute like her mother was. They also depend on each other from the hero protecting the heroine from being to have her first time with the Don and the heroine washing his wounds. They both also hold affection for each other for a long time. We get to their paths following the same timeline like the last novel as well as their past with being treated like a prostitute by other men and ousted out of one's home. The hero gives the heroine an opportunity to leave their prison one night but she is unable to meet at the rendezvous because her mother collapses in sickness. The Don gives her a countdown in taking her mother's place after the woman's death, which spurs her to take action in escaping herself. She makes there and is able to find her the previous heroine. They become maids at a hotel for six years where the heroine sees the hero with his arm draped around a pretty woman. In anger, she "accidentally" throws water on the hero when he's getting hot with the OW. Imagine his surprise when he sees her there and a lot of thing untrue are said between them but they still hold a flame for the other. The hero does pursue the heroine but she's afraid of letting him in and how he would reject if he found out what she did to escape. As she thinks about everything, she realizes that she has nothing to be ashamed of because she didn't give in to the Don's power and fought for her freedom. She goes back to the hero's hotel and confesses that she broke their promise of not giving herself to another man since it would make her a prostitute and the hero doesn't date prostitutes. It seems as she was getting away, the Don's men were tracking her in the next town and only got away because she allowed a truck driver to have her. The hero jumps up and holds the heroine, telling her that she did keep her promise by not submitting to the Don. He tells her he was more worried of who she held in her heart and that he loves her. He asks if she has an answer to what he asked her the night he was escaping and she says yes. We skip several years where the heroine and hero are married and expecting twins on the way. It was a nice ending.

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