The Irresistible Tycoon

Romance The Irresistible Tycoon

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The Irresistible Tycoon

After losing her husband, she vowed not to love again…

Kim, a widow raising a young daughter by herself, was interviewing for a secretarial position. All the women there were beautiful—had she gone to a modeling agency by mistake? It seemed the applicants were all hoping to become the CEO’s wife, which made Kim feel out of place. And CEO Lucas’s high-pressure attitude made her recoil. She never thought she’d get the job, but for some reason he hired her. As she worked for him, Kim began to see Lucas’s surprising kindness. And for his part, Lucas was becoming thoroughly attracted to family-oriented Kim…

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A good read 4  4

I really liked this one for what it brought. the heroine is applying for the secretary position for the hero. He hires her because she doesn't gloss all over and is honest in her answers to his questions. Now, they develop a great relationship as boss/employee to bordering on the line of friendship. The heroine tries to keep a minimal glossed appearance but she's well sought after for lunch dates by the single men of the company. She keeps on rejecting him because of her dead husband and it's not for the loving reasons. One day, a man tries asking the heroine out in front of the hero but she doesn't get it and shoots him down. The hero explains the man was trying to ask her out and he went to the hero for advice. The heroine starts panicking and when the hero tries to touch her hand, she lashes out then breaks into tears. Right then, the hero knows something wrong and delays everything to comfort and ease the heroine into opening up what's wrong. I was so touched by his words and actions and I wasn't the only one because the heroine sees his actions as a show she can trust him. He becomes the first person to find out the heroine was a victim of domestic abuse by her horrible husband. The man manipulated her vulnerability for the wish of a family to trick her, despite his family being against it. Then when they were married, the man began to abuse her and went for their daughter later on. Yet, she feels guilty for rejoicing when the man died in a car accident because it took away her daughter's father. The hero tells the heroine that her husband was trash who didn't deserve the heroine and nothing was her fault. It sets a spark to something but the heroine sees their relationship going nowhere not only from her mind but what people say about them not being a good couple and seeing the hero in pictures with different women. Later, the hero meets the heroine's daughter and completely falls for her cuteness. Not too after, the hero opens up about wanting to be more with the heroine & the daughter and if she can think of them that way. Yet, the heroine rejects him because she's still not ready for love. The hero recognizes her anxiety and amends he was being too hasty. The heroine is distracted over what to do that she doesn't come in for work. Luckily, the hero is there and takes a call from the daughter's school stating the poor girl is sick. So, he rushes right over, takes the little girl to the hospital, and keeps trying to call the heroine . The heroine has no idea till her friend comes banging on the door to notify her of her daughter's condition. The heroine finds out that it was the hero who reacted quickly to help the little girl but lied he was the heroine's fiancee. He confesses his love and wish to marry the heroine but before she gives him an answer, she's called away to see her daughter. The heroine finds out from one of the nurses of how the daughter stated both she and the heroine love the hero. She finally realizes she loves the hero too and runs after him. She confesses in wanting to be with the hero and they head back to the daughter. It was a really sweet ending and I loved the story.

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