Her Pregnancy Surprise

Romance Her Pregnancy Surprise

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Her Pregnancy Surprise

He may regret their time together, but Grace never could.

Grace secretly gave birth to her former boss’s baby. She’d thought he was the perfect partner, but when she told him she was pregnant, he changed completely, claiming she was trying to trap him in marriage! She resolved to be a single mother, but worried for the child who would never know its father. So she went to talk to him one last time…having no idea that it would only make matters worse!

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Both feet dug in 4  4

This was a story where I felt it was hard to dislike and lie. One of the reasons I didn't like it was of the hero's huge rejection of heroine & child when she told him she's pregnant. Yet, what I like is seeing the hero change his subconscious of distrust to where he knows there's someone who love him for him. To start, the heroine and hero were boss/ employee till passionate night set their relationship on the rocks. It's later dashed to pieces when the heroine informs the hero who reacts badly. Badly, meaning he denies it's his and kicks the heroine out. The heroine goes through the pregnancy, birth, and first few months of taking care of her daughter with her family's support. She still was the hero to recognize his daughter & goes to to tell the hero once more, despite her family's objections. Their conversation had a lot of pricking and pushing to the point where the hero acknowledges the baby is his but wants full custody. Now, the heroine is saying no to all but is able to negotiate a deal with the hero of a two week trial with the hero living in the heroine's home to see if he's up to being a dad by the heroine's standards. The heroine slowly works through pieces of information the hero slips out about himself. However, I was a bit disappointed she didn't push when the hero said, "My son can't take over the business," They have a real rough start at the beginning but I liked seeing both personalities. During this time, the hero and heroine slowly grow closer to the point where the hero opens up about the painful parts of his past. The heroine learns the one time they were together was the anniversary of his son's death. Apparently, he turned his head away from the son to answer a phone call and the son wandered away and got hit by a car. The whole thing ruined his marriage with his wife and what with having a cold environment as a child lead him to the not trusting person. He talks about his confusion in his feelings and apologizes with an "I'm sorry" to the heroine. The heroine starts to believe with his confession is him opening his feelings but he still shuts her out when she starts to get close. His rejection doesn't blind her from seeing he's a great dad to the baby girl. Sadly, declaring his son's death was his fault has the hero close up in his shell and leave the heroine before the set date, making him lose his advantage in having parental rights. Surprisingly, at their mediation meeting with their lawyers, the heroine's lawyer states the heroine declared the hero filled out all the requirements and should have shared custody. She leaves the hero shocked and her reason is she sees that no one loves the hero for the hero and wants to show him that he does have someone to love even if he doesn't love her. The hero comes to pick up the daughter for his turn and the heroine is left to cry. Then he suddenly barges in with how he knew she was crying. The hero finally realizes what he has with the heroine that he lacked in his first marriage: trust. He confesses his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. She confesses her love and we get the happily ever after.

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