The Bachelor's Bride

Romance The Bachelor's Bride

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The Bachelor's Bride

Their lovemaking wasn’t a dream, but it seems Reid’s affection was!

While Rachel was suffering from a high fever for a week, she kept having a dream that she’d made hot love to a man with deep emerald-green eyes. When she recovers, she finds that she’s actually pregnant! Tracing the dream back to a vague memory, she remembers a man she met at a party, Reid James. She realizes she’s spent a night with the most sought-after businessman in New York! But when she visits his office to tell him about the pregnancy, his response is downright chilly!

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it was definitely not a dream 4  4

The heroine gets a Jane-the-Virgin shock when she's told that she's pregnant. She can't remember having coitus with anyone except for a hot dream she's been having since her fever that made her doozy. After confirmation, she sees the dream was real but doesn't know who the father is till her friend narrows down it's her boss. During this time, the hero is going through a lot of tree with his mother dead but it seems she never acknowledged him and his father only coming to him for money. He's pretty much hurt and sulking that his employees can see the anger swirled around. The her needs a break but doesn't want to he finds the heroine. So, imagine his surprise when he finds her in his office and she drops the pregnancy bomb on him. I personally thought the heroine was being a bit over the top dramatic with declaring her pregnancy then running off before giving him a chance to fully process. I know the man's first reaction wasn't the best as as harlequin readers, we have heard worse. The heroine goes home and is more welcomed by her stepmother than by hr own father. She is surprised to find the hero driving the mover truck with all her stuff from NYC. She's comes to ask for her hand. She tries to deny it but he admits to private a detective in order to find her from their night together. The hero convinces her to marry him and they have a quick, simple, and legal ceremony with friends and employees. They move into the hero's house and have an awkward relationship with being friendly but never really opening. That is until the heroine's friend and the hero's lawyer state their need to make their relationship public and develop a closer bond. Things go well until the heroine hears from the lawyer about the prenup of where the hero gets to keep the baby *way to put a kink in your employer's relationship*. They have a fight but end up making up with declaring their love to each other as well. The hero decides to open up and have her meet his foster mothers (nuns) who looked after him when he was an orphan. The hero reveals his past of where his maternal grandparents and mother gave him up and they were paying a substantial sum to the church. However, the hero found his birth certificate and went after both parents: the mother rejected him and the father didn't even know he existed. This pain caused the hero to lash out, especially when he found out that his maternal grandfather was giving the church a big sum every year. So, he ran away and began working his way to become the man who he is today. Sadly, it's the truth and I was a bit disappointed with the nuns denying his chances to have parents who would love and care for him. I know nunneries and monasteries don't have the cash flow like they used but it was just plain sad that they denied that little boy parents for monetary gain. The hero and heroine have an open heart to hear talk, stating they're committed to each other and will work together to make it stronger. I found their statement to be really romantic. In the end, the heroine has a cute baby girl and named her after the heroine's mother and the mother of the church. I found the ending to be really nice.

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