For the Babies' Sakes

Passion Romance For the Babies' Sakes

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For the Babies' Sakes

Helen loved her husband, Dan, from the bottom of her heart. The teenage sweethearts tied the knot two years ago, and their life together was wonderful. Until the day Helen came home from work early with a nasty cold…and found her half-naked husband with his secretary, Celine. When she wasn’t home, it seems the two of them had been… She couldn’t even think about it! Dan begged her to trust him. But what on earth was she supposed to believe!

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editor's comment - March 8th, 2019

This is heart-warming story about trust and keeping a family together. Although the heroine and the hero became distant because of a misunderstanding,The love and bond between them was strong enough that they managed to overcome the obstacle.

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In many harlequin comics, we see the heroine being targeted as the alleged adulterer and we have this skip one to two years of no contact between couples. However, in this one, it's the hero and we see the process of a couple dealing with the word "affair" hanging over their heads. Their marriage was a happy one till the heroine came home early and walked in on the secretary hardly clothed and the hero coming out of the shower. The secretary lies about being in a relationship with the hero and is surprised when the man fires her. The heroine doesn't believe in the hero's words and just when she starts believing in him, she overhears him talking to the former secretary. From then on, our couple goes through some hard times. The heroine is still in love with the hero and wants to be with him but she doesn't believe in his word that he's been faithful. The hero still loves the heroine too but he's so hurt over the fact that she doesn't value his word enough to believe he has been faithful to her at all. They go through these months of conflicted feelings with living together as parents to be and not as a couple. This is actually what I liked because it shows us the reality of a couple dealing with a partner cheating, the things life throws at them, and what they still feel for their partner. By then, I was begging for the heroine to consider the fact that the hero was actually telling the truth. The hero opened up that he loves the heroine through it all and even said the words she so desperately wanted to hear. She takes a while longer, even after the twins are born. Then when the hero goes off to help with the flooding and doesn't return for hours has the heroine realize the hero isn't the kind of man who would have an affair. When he comes back, she runs into his arms and apologizes for not believing in him and that she loves him. After this little confession, the secretary comes stumbling in, trashed in appearance, soaked to the bone with big crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks. She confesses in tears that she lied about the whole thing because she wanted the hero but she has fallen in love with someone else. It's a pastor who wants her to clear all her sins before they get married. She finally saw from the heroine's standpoint of the horrible thing she did and begs forgiveness. The heroine does give her a little bit of heat but forgives her nonetheless. It was a really sweet ending and I liked what this story brought up.

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