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Temptation has stepped into Keely’s path—how long can she resist?

Even as she pretends to date his younger brother, Keely harbors secret feelings for Boone, a farmer eleven years her senior. Then Boone appears before her at a party—almost as though he had been waiting for her—and invites her to dance. His strong arms, the fragrance of his cologne… Keely spends a dreamlike hour as he leads her around the dance floor. He was always so cold with her before, so what’s changed? After taking a confused Keely out to the terrace, Boone steals a kiss and whispers, “Put yourself in my hands.” But no matter her feelings, it can’t go any further than this… After all, the world thinks she’s dating Boone’s brother!

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It's a bit twisty 2 4  4

The hero and heroine meet a party and have some close moments till the Harpy's name is brought. Next, the brother throws into a fit with the investigation report the hero got from the Harpy's family employee of the sweetheart being married to a criminal with a hot temper. The heroine lends an ear to the brother who warns her of the Harpy's jealousy and lengths she will go to hurt the heroine. As the threats come closer to home, the heroine finally confesses to the Sheriff of her parent's involvement in his brother's death. The man is really calm and caring towards her, letting her know everything is okay. Then the heroine and hero's sister get a real surprise when the brother comes out and claims the hero lied about the sweetheart being married and all. He blames the hero for desperately trying so hard to break them up and even states the hero said that the heroine was following him all night when the Harpy pressures in on him about the rumors. So, the hero goes along with the brother's plan of retaliation against the hero by going on a date. They are found and after the performance, the hero corners the heroine and the Harpy catches them. She makes threats at the heroine and leaves in a huff with the hero. A few days later, the hero calls in the heroine and accuses her of manipulating his brother and him. He pulls out pictures of the heroine and brother together naked and kicks the heroine out before she has a chance to prove her innocence. As she sets off for home, she's bitten by a rattlesnake and only has enough time to call 911 and apply emergency kit for venom bits. The sister finds her and figures out why the heroine was there. She lets the hero have it on the phone, revealing the heroine's condition. The hero rushes in and barrels himself through the door to see the heroine's arm not only swollen but a gruesome shoulder scare from a puma's claws. Apparently, she saved a child from being attacked, while her dad watched stupefied. Learning the heroine may lose her life has the hero on his knees and begging for her to live with tears in his eyes. Then he goes off and the sister and brother-in-law don't hear from him till after the heroine pulls through and the sheriff notifies them the hero's been arrested for assaulting a man. Apparently, the hero took the word of the man who gave him that false information about the brother's sweetheart because he works for the Harpy's father. It also turns out they are currently in pursuit of arresting the man for drugs and stuff. It was actually the only reason the hero got close to the Harpy in order to get that information or he would have never been seen with her. The hero finally talks out with the sister of what to do in order to get the heroine to forgive him. Then they hear the heroine's mother was found dead and believe it's the work of he shady men. The heroine awakens and has a heart to heart talk with the hero. He tells her the whole thing about his own scars and how the Harpy rejected him when she saw the scars. The two come together and when she sees her mother's face with the words "murdered" plaster all over her face, the hero comforts her. They start making plans for the future but have one more thing to do, which is get the heroine's father into custody in order to protect the heroine. The sorry man only cares about getting money from the heroine, so he can disappear. Before they catch him, the hero and heroine confess their feelings and after they catch him, the hero asks the heroine to marry him. It was a nice wedding with the end being just the two of them. However, it really confused me on why the hero trusted the Harpy's detective when he knew the man worked for the Harpy's father who was dealing in narcotics.

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