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A year has passed, but I’m still surrounded by painful memories.

Grace grew up in an orphanage, but she found herself a happy, stable family when she married Donato, an Italian millionaire, and gave birth to their son. But her happiness was short-lived—their son died as an infant. The days that followed were full of grief for Grace…and then she discovered that Donato was having an affair. It was all too much for her, and she left Italy. That was one year ago…and now her mother-in-law, who was always warm and loving to Grace, has passed away. Grace returns to Italy for the funeral, where she sees Donato again. He’s just as kind and charismatic as ever, and the memories come flooding back.

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bittersweet 4  4

It was a really nice story even with the sad parts of losing your child and mother. The hero and heroine were a happy couple with a newborn baby boy till he died from SID (Sudden Infant Death syndrome). It was a really hard time for the hero and heroine to jump back in. Sadly, as the heroine is grieving and healing, she's told by her sister-in-law that her husband's having an affair. The sister goes on how the son's death was the heroine's fault and how she's not worthy to be part of her family (wow, you said that to your sister-in-law who grew up in an orphanage), and more. She leaves a note that's never received by the hero (wonder what happened? *sarcasm*). She works in a hospital till she gets word that her beloved mother-in-law died and her death is really taking a toll on her little brother-in-law. The heroine comes back and lot of things are brought up. I was personally disappointed by the sister for her insensitivity towards her own brother for being so young in age and lost his mother. She was her mother too and should share in that grief but she's being a brat about it. The two start to reconnect but things take a wrong turn when the hero tells the sister to learn from the heroine. So, she cooks up a lie about how the heroine believed the hero was having an affair from someone else. The hero goes off to voice his feelings of anger towards the heroine. The heroine states she left it all the letter she left him but he states he never received the letter and then he leaves. The heroine sees sister's hand in all this and goes to confront her. The heroine tells the sister who denies it all till the heroine brings up the letter. The sister fishes out the letter and states how she hated the heroine for stealing her place in her family, how the family paid attention to her and not the sister. She goes on about the heroine stealing everyone, letting her child die, and become so confident that she fishes out all the letters the heroine kept sending the hero repeatedly but she intercepted. She starts to read them out loud when the hero steps in, having heard everything. The sister tries to lie about the heroine but the hero heard it all and the heroine faints from being overwhelmed during the sibling's fight. The sister's husband confessed they recently found out that the sister can't have children and have been getting help Yet, she started viewing any woman with children as an enemy. Once the hero and heroine are alone, they talk about their feelings and actions from the past year to current date. They confess their love and start making plans to rebuild their relationship. The sister apologizes for the mess she's made and her reason stems from being adopted and feeling she's not a true member of the family. She felt the heroine would take her place and both her husband and her head to a treatment program. We get to the end where the heroine and the hero make plan to start again and trust in each other more.

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