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Her first love has returned…and Sybilla just knows she’ll be hurt again.

Ten years ago, Sybilla’s childhood friend Gareth, who was a few years older than she, cruelly shattered her heart, and now he’s returned home from America following his grandfather’s death. All those years ago Gareth said he found Sybilla’s affection annoying, and those words carved a deep wound in Sybilla’s heart that still hurts her to this day. But now he’s grown even more handsome than he was before, and the feelings she thought she’d buried deep down are desperate to make themselves known. She knows it’s stupid, and she knows she’ll just end up getting hurt, but it seems her heart won’t be denied.

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editor's comment - April 12th, 2019

The story is simple but the atmosphere and some small details in this story can really make you feel bittersweet emotion of unrequited love.

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running in circles. 3  3

This synopsis of this harlequin is pretty short. We basically have the hero and heroine who met as kids and grew up together with all the fun things till the heroine turned 15 and the hero is a college student. She overhears him with his college friends talking about her and he comments of how annoying it is to have her hang around him. The heroine is so hurt by this that she decides from then on to go to great lengths of completely avoiding the hero. She doesn't come to see him during his breaks at home and cuts off contact. Example of extreme are when he spots her and waves, making her run in the opposite direction. The hero comments how hurt he was by her action even when she was denying the whole run away thing. The woman doesn't even go to a beloved non-related uncle of her family who was the hero's grandfather that took him in after his parents died. This whole thing goes on for ten years till they run into each other again as adults. Now, it goes badly because the hero thinks the heroine is having an affair with the married man because of the way the man is all handsy and she bought men's shaving cream, (hero's harasser & cream for elderly neighbor). He even goes to her apartment to tell her to stop having an affair. Luckily, his visit prompts the heroine to tell her boss that their client has been sexually harassing her. While the boss is having a fit of rage of her employee being harassed, the hero has eavesdropped and regrets his words. He conducts business with the heroine's company (the heroine runs away again). Then drops by her place to give his personal apology of his cruel words; afterwards, we have the running in circles theme with the hero pursuing the heroine but she still denies with lying about stuff and to the point of having coitus. It goes on till the heroine finally reveals why she's been avoiding with the incident with friends. He reveals that he wanted to stop his friends from teasing about her and how he was confused with being attracted to a fifth teen year old girl and wanting to treat her right. In short, he confesses he's in love with the heroine. The heroine confesses her love and the two decide to get married after a year to honor the dead family member but brought a plus one of it being their child. It was alright but it gets annoying if the heroine wants get rid of the hero then why doesn't she give him the biggest reason why and not drag it out in this confusion and pain.

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