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She’s been captured by his golden eyes…

Queen Elena of the island kingdom of Thallia is set to marry the new sheikh of Kadar. However, as soon as she sets foot in his country, she is captured by a mysterious man named Khalil. He fixes Elena with a golden-eyed glare and declares that he is the rightful ruler of Kadar. He then takes Elena to a desert village, where she is touched by his kindness. Things aren’t always what they seem, he tells her, and she can sense the truth in his words. But though Elena’s heart has begun to open to Khalil, she believes that to him she’s nothing more than a pawn he can use to take his throne.

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their own cages 3  3

The hero and heroine meet when the heroine becomes engaged to the hero's half brother who stole his right to his throne and he considers a weak man. The two butt heads a lot in the first fifty pages but slowly start opening themselves up. They hold a lot of weight from their past and present situations. The heroine lost her parents in an terrorist attack that left her to be Queen, but her councilman reject her every word and pushed her to accept the half-brother's proposal in using each other to support their countries. The hero's past has followed him for a long time and has even blinded him to not only seeing people for who they are but what his actions would entail for his country. Apparently, the hero was the heir to the Sheikh till rumors questioning his paternity sprung up, probably by the half-brother's mother who went from concubine to 2nd wife that resulted in the hero and his mother getting kicked out and stigmatized to the point of being treated as slaves. The ending towards this issue towards the end seemed rather disappointing. It's because when the hero finally confronts his brother who states it's what their father would have wanted in making the hero the sheikh. It made the father sounded like he cared for the hero but I don't believe it. It wasn't because of the whole peer pressure to kick the hero and his mother out or his fellow colleagues wouldn't stand by him but the fact that he left them to rot and suffer. He never even gave them outside or financial support nor left a letter of explanation, much less of an apology to the hero before he died. The only positive side to this little family reunion was the half-brother telling him what his action in kidnapping the heroine nearly caused them to look vulnerable and nearly get attacked by the very same terrorists who killed the heroine's parents. This is something the heroine tells the hero about him time and time again. Now, before this all happened when the heroine was still the hero's captive did the two see the cages they had surrounded themselves in and see the other's bars. They even start to see their approaches to the solutions of their problems weren't the right way even if they were the quicker way. They share their emotions but the hero holds back on revealing the half brother using a body double and hasn't even set a search for the heroine. When the heroine finds out about the body double, she's not surprised but the hero wants to take her to the capital and expose the half brother's lies but she won't comply since it means he's just using her. Then we come on the scene where the heroine confronts her council and gives this great speech but they don't budge till the hero comes. This was another bit of a disappointment because to me, it felt like they weren't listening to the heroine till the hero appeared by her side because he's man. Granted, his support was very sweet and romantic, not to mention his speech was brilliant. The two convince the council to side with the heroine and then they get married. It wasn't bad, just not my cup of tea.

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