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I thought it was over, but when I see him again, passion surges through my veins.

Louisa is the editor of a magazine, and one night she falls for a man named Luke, whom she meets at a party. He looks just like a Greek god, and he steals her heart in an instant… It feels like fate when they make love, and Louisa is overjoyed. But then she finds out that his real motive was revenge! It seems Louisa wrote an article about him a while back and he was just looking for a way to get even. Three months later, Louisa is doing her best to put it all behind her. She’s become totally absorbed in her work, but then, out of the blue, Luke appears in her office! She can’t seem to resist his magnetic pull…but has he forgotten what he did to her?

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Good theme 4  4

I like to the story because it brought up the theme of uncertainty when it comes to parenting, love, trust, and relationships. We also get to see it in different approaches through the hero and the heroine. To summarize, the hero and heroine meet at a mutual friends at a party then have a hot night. It ends coldly when the heroine finds out the hero was someone she wrote a bad article about. After learning he knew who she was before hand, she jumps to the conclusion he jumped into bed with her to get revenge. The hero denies this multiple times but she doesn't take his word for it. The two don't see each other for three months till the hero barges into the heroine's office and takes her to a hospital to get a pregnancy test since their mutual friends have noted the symptoms the heroine has displayed are related to pregnancy. The heroine doesn't believe it till the doctor confirms it and she's carrying twins. The two manage to reach an agreement to talk but we can see they're both anxious about the uncertain future. Once, they are seated, the hero states the two of them need to be married and go right back to love making. Both are coldly rejected by the heroine who asks why he wants to marry for the kids but he states it's because he wants to give the kids his name. She doesn't figure out till later that it stems from the fact that the hero was Miss treated horribly by his father who told him to never tell anyone he was his dad. The heroine is against the whole marriage because they barely know each other. She brings up a truce of where only the hero can't touch their own unless she wants him to. The hero agrees begrudgingly but both come up with a plan to sabotage each other with swimsuits and roast beef; it was quite funny to see. They slowly start to open up but some (hero) clam up quick. However, the heroine gets the hero to open up about his past of them losing his loving mother at a young age and being sent to the cruel father. The hero and heroine become more intimate that night. Yet, the heroine is still uncertain about the whole thing despite loving the hero. She isn't the only one because when she brings up the topic of the babies, the hero changes the subject constantly. The hero is uncertain because he doesn't want to put his heart out, only to have it rejected with the bonus fear not sure if he can be a good husband and father. So, he tells the heroine and he'll help with the financial stuff then says she's better on her own is better off without him. The heroine wants to know what's wrong and keeps asking why, but the hero doesn't give her a direct answer. She leaves when she hears there's no love to factor in their relationship. She does have the last word, saying she made a mistake of loving the hero. The hero tries to deny it's his fault and it goes on for a month. That is until he hears from the mutual friend of a medical scare for the rowing. He's so frightened that he jumps out of his seat and sprints to the hospital. Imagine at the heroine's surprise when she finds the hero panting and sweating. She gives him the good news the children are fine and tries to leave but the hero won't let her. They have a bit of an argument and that the hero finally blurts out his fears of not being able to love due to his past. The heroine comforts him with how she loves him and all he has to do is accept it. It's such a sweet moment between the two. Watching that uncertainty melt away from their faces was heartwarming. The hero asks the heroine to marry him one more time and she replies in tears of joy with yes. We fast forward two years where the hero and heroine are with their two boys and the heroine is going to surprise the hero with news of a third child on the way. It was a good story and I really liked it.

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