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When her prince disappeared, Layna was forever scarred.

Xander, prodigal prince and the infamous firstborn heir to the throne of Kyonos, a small island kingdom in the Aegean Sea, has returned home. Layna is at a loss for words when her former fiancé, who now appears before her for the first time in fifteen years, demands that she come with him. Once a candidate to be queen, Layna is now a shadow of her former self, living a quiet life as a nun in training. So why has he returned now? It’s because of him that Layna’s heart and body are permanently scarred, so she refuses his command. But resisting him won’t be so easy.

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Some really deep stuff 4  4

This gave me some heartache with the hero and heroine's inner pain and demons. The hero comes back home after 15 years of half self-imposed exile and half unofficial chase off by his father and brother who blamed him for his mother's death because he was the one with her when they crashed. However, whatever wrong swerve, press of pedal, or blinking for a second was because the hero got the Fat Man atomic bomb dropped on him. Back to the present, he comes back but he requires the help of his former fiancee whom he gets a real shock. He finds her at a nunnery with a huge scar on her cheek. Apparently, after the hero left, the King could peform his royal duties from because he was too grieved over the loss for the love of his life. Decisions caused chaos, riots, and things that just threw the country into turmoil. During one of these skirmishes, someone threw acid at the heroine's face and caused the scar. From then on, she placed herself in seclusion in a nunnery because she's ugly. She's also furious on how the hero thinks that everything will go back to normal. The hero had no idea of the turmoil the country suffered. After a talk with Mother Superior, the heroine goes to speak to the hero one more time. They have a good conversation until the hero brings up marriage and causes the heroine to shout NO then run away. Next, they have their first outing and have a great interaction with the press. However, the heroine still holds her beauty in a high regard, thinking it was the only reason why people wanted to be near her. This goes on towards the end with the hero constantly telling her that's it's not true because he sees her as beautiful, scars and all. HE tells her to be content and hold her head high for she is worth far mot than she realizes. The heroine's response holds words that hurt the hero and he responds back that people still see him as the man who killed his mother. The heroine states it was an accident and she doesn't see him that way. It's actually something these two share, of projecting their pain outwards as walls that the other takes time to break down. When the hero sees his father after so long, he runs away from the whole scene with the hero running after him. She comforts him and waits for him to be ready to open up. Afterwards, the hero is given a mixture of smiles and frowns from his siblings. When the reunion is over, the hero pulls the heroine aside and finally reveals his big dark secret: he's not the king's son. Apparently, his mother had an affair with her bodyguard before her marriage to the King. The news shook him because he found out that everything that makes him him is a lie and he has no connection to the job he was raised to be. Couple that with the car crash and losing his family, identity, and reason for living would drive anyone far far away. He also thinks he should reveal the secret since it should be royal blood on the throne but the heroine asks him to wait. Next, the hero finally goes to see the father who's regained consciousness and speech. He asks the father if he knew that the hero wasn't his son. The father said he suspected it from the day he was born but he never blamed his wife and loved them both. He expresses his regret of cruelly hurting and unjustly blaming the hero, stating it was his fault for chasing the hero away. The hero states the man is still his father and wants him to chose his successor. The father chooses the hero because no matter what or who says, nothing will change that the hero is his son. During this time, the hero gets ambushed by horrible paparazzi. They plaster her face on the page with things like zombie princess; I wanted to whack them all. The hero comes back all happy of being accept but fails to realize quickly of the heroine's mood till she throws the trashy magazines at him and declares she can't be in the limelight anymore. The hero tries to convince her to stay but she heads straight back to the nunnery. After some time apart, the two realize the pain they caused towards each other and that they still love the other. They reunite and tell them of how the other how they were able to overcome their obstacles because of the significant other. They go back to the palace to face life together. We see an epilogue 15 years into the future where their family has gotten bigger and happier. It was a good read.

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