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How could the very thing Angie has desired for so long have created so much turmoil in her life?

Angie was undergoing fertility treatments with her husband when she finally became pregnant, but then the clinic told her that she had been accidentally inseminated with another couple’s fertilized egg! Her husband left her in a fit of rage, but she decided to give birth to the child and give it to its proper parents. There was no way she could end the life she had been blessed with. But when she meets Dominic Pirelli, the baby’s true father, in person, he sneers at her appearance and scathingly asks how much money she wants!

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editor's comment - April 19th, 2019

The heroine seems weak and vulnerable but she has a strong heart despite what she has been through. I`m glad that she finally found the man who truly loves her and is willing to protect her .

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a blessing in disguise 4  4

The heroine receives a real shock after fertility treatments get her pregnant but it turns out that she's been fertilized with someone else's baby (different sperm and egg). When she receives the news, her husband demands she abort it but she refuses since it's somebody's baby. So, he runs off with another woman and all their furniture. The heroine decides to inform the couple of their child's existence. She meets the hero who is less than pleased at the sight of her. He takes her to a fancy restaurant and states she needs to eat. She has no complaints and clears away six plates of food in one breath, shocking the hero, his secretary, and the waiters. She surprises the hero even more when she says no to the bathroom. During their conversation, it hits a snag when the hero asks her how much does she want in exchange for the kid. It ticks her off and she tries to leave with the hero stopping her and apologizing for his poor choice in words. He takes her home but has her pack up when he sees the poor state of the house and hears the heroine's life story. He states that he will handle everything in the divorce proceedings. Then the heroine finds out the hero is widowed. She meets the housekeeper, an ally that helps in the progression of their relationship. Later that night, she sees a beautiful portrait of a woman who turns out to be the hero's wife. The woman was wonderful but she suffered anorexia and mental instability, which is why they had a hard time conceiving. The hero also reveals he painted the portrait and the heroine comments how sad it is the the hero doesn't pain anymore because he's really good. Her words inspire the hero to take up painting again. Later, the heroine is given a new haircut that shocks the hero and when they get close, both of them pull away. The housekeeper sees the distance put between the two, scolds the hero for not taking the initiative to get to know the heroine better as well as bonding with the child in the womb. The hero starts by inviting the heroine to work on the nursery and comments how the heroine is full of life, while hugging her as she cries over his sad past. As they bond, the heroine struggles between believing the hero cares about her for her and not because she's pregnant with his child but thinks it can't be. This is due to heroine being a victim of domestic violence by the ex-husband. The man not only beat her down physically but mentally and emotionally. He brainwashed her into believing she takes away all the happiness from everyone. It's not true, she only failed to see what a low life he was with his abuse. The good news comes when the hero hands her the divorce papers and the heroine accidentally lets it slip of the ex's treatment of her. Both reader and hero can see the ex didn't love the heroine but found her as his next target since she was a vulnerable person from watching her mother dying from cancer, finding out she a product of an affair, and how the mother's family disowned her when she refused to abort the heroine. The hero pulls her into his arms as she weeps and cries then gives her a passionate kiss. When he goes in for a second time, she breaks away to cry alone. She forces herself to think that she can't let the baby and hero get close to her. We move forward where the heroine collapses and the baby is coming. The whole commotion has the hero ditching the secretary with completing a huge deal as he runs to the hospital. Luckily, both heroine and baby girl pull through with the nurse calling it a one in a million miracle. The whole thing has the hero admitting he loves the heroine. When the heroine wakes up, the hero kneels by her bedside, holds the baby out to her and says mommy is awake. It was such an adorable moment with the hero stating he wants the heroine to marry. The heroine of course, refuses by spouting the ex's crap. The hero's speech of he's happy because she's her and happy that she was born on this earth. He proclaims he loves and it was beautiful moment that was only rivaled when he showed her a portrait of herself that he did. The portrait is an impression of the hero's true feelings because of the time it took to make. We skip to the wedding with the family of four together before they walk down the aisle. I really did find this book to be sweet.

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