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After so much mooning over her boss, who’d have thought Sophia would choose the mail boy instead?

Sophia’s boss is set to be the next company chairman, and she has a dream—to marry him! Yet she has never even seen his face. His sexy voice, his ambitious personality and, of course, his money make Michael the perfect man by Sophia’s estimation. Then the company’s handsome mail boy catches her eye and, despite all her plans, she kisses him! But can Sophia overcome her mother’s disapproval at her choice of partner? And what will happen when she finds out Mike’s true nature?

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Ohhhh the irony! 4  4

The heroine is a bit of a gold-digger with a fantasy dream of marrying her boss because he has money and a sexy voice, which must mean he's physically and facially attractive. However, she's been putting up a wall to the mail boy's advances since he's a playboy. The irony is that he's actually the CEO but situation leads to a hot kiss and a story behind the heroine's infatuation with the hero. The hero has a bad impression of the heroine but he gets a chance to see her infatuation stems from her disabled mother who wants a man with money because money is security. Plus, her dad was a deadbeat and his actions caused the heroine's mother to drum it into the heroine to find a strong and reliable man. Then things start to change with the heroine's "Boss" sending her flowers and doubling the raise he's giving her. Then he goes over with his father on what to do with his feelings with the heroine because he doesn't want to be with a woman who wants him for his money and not for the real him like his ex-fiancée. I liked this scene because it puts the hero down as a human guy who wants loved for himself by the woman he's fallen for. We also learn the whole mail boy was a disguise for him to flush out corporate spies. We go through this maze of turns for the hero and heroine because the heroine finds herself in love with the hero for a mail boy but is afraid to act on them. The hero is frightened how people will view him when they find out he's not truly the mail boy and might take negatively to his lies. Then they open up to each other. The hero asks if she'll meet with his family and she says yes excitedly and he then reveals his identity. She reacts badly to it and slaps him. She doesn't come into work for a couple of days till the hero's father comes by, asking for the heroine to give his son a second chance. He reveals the hero's caution to other women who only wanted for his money like the ex-fiancée as well as his fear of his good bye party. The heroine goes to see the hero in the same get up as he did her. They have a short but cute confession of love from each other with proposal of marriage and new way of saying yes. The two get married at a traditional wedding at the chapel then hop on the hero's motorbike to get a hotdog.

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