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Leonie never dreamed her trip to Greece would lead her to a whole new life!

Leonie has traveled to an island in Greece to meet her great-grandfather for the first time. After her deceased parents eloped, Leonie lost contact with the Caprel family and any right to inherit their fortune. Still, knowing he doesn’t have much time left to live, Argon Caprel wants to reconnect with his great-grandchild. Leonie also meets her second cousin Paul, a well-known playboy. Heartbroken from a recent breakup, Leonie is sick and tired of playboys, but she has trouble ignoring his dashing good looks. And that’s before Argon decides to make Leonie the head of the family…but only if she marries Paul!

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kind of tittering 3  3

The story was something I couldn't hold my interest. The heroine is finally meeting the grandfather who spurned her mother for marrying a man he didn't choose. She meets the hero's who's distantly related, a guy she crushed on during her school years, and unknown till she meets the grandfather is her intended fiancee. It felt that both men were pressuring her within the next hour to say yes to the proposal when she had barely met the both of them. I don't care if the grandfather said in the end that the heroine was perfect for the hero and he wanted to speed things along. The heroine is caught between a rock and a hard place but consents to the whole thing. They get married and have a short honeymoon away from everyone. Things seem to go fine till they get back to the real world with the heroine moving to a new country for the hero's job. She tries to adapt with finding a job where you have read, write, and speak French but has a hard time with having no family, friends, a newlywed life with her husband whom she's only known for two weeks. Add in his business partner who wiggles his eyebrows at her and his friend's wife who can't stand one handsome man being taken from her posse away. Their relationship seems to go towards cold till it breaks when the hero goes to comfort the Wife when his friend has been hospitalized. This is before and after the heroine is cornered by his business partner; the first time the heroine understood but the second time, she demanded he not go. He doesn't listen and answers the Wife's call. Dejected by his response, she runs back to her grandfather (why? I don't know because in her situation, I would have run back to my birth home) to grin and bear the pain. It's all because she's fallen in love with the hero. Days later and the hero appears to take back the heroine. She confronts him on the Wife and he explains she only needed his words because her heart is to the husband/hero's friend. The hero confesses his love and goes on about how he's been in love with her for a long time since the grandfather mentioned her. The heroine confesses her love and they go for a 2nd try at their marriage. It was alright but it really wasn't selling it to me.

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