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She’s ready to divorce him, but the price of her freedom proves to be higher than she ever imagined.

Joanna doesn’t know her husband’s whereabouts. At eighteen she lost her family, but after she married Gabriel, a man from an affluent family, she felt happier that she’d dreamed she could… But on their first night, her hopes were violently shattered. Two years have passed since then and, tired of living her life waiting for him to come home, she has decided to divorce him. But things take a sudden turn with the untimely death of her father-in-law. In order to inherit his vast wealth, she must remain married to her husband for an unbearable year and a day more. When Gabriel finally shows up to the funeral, his kiss will pierce her ice-cold heart!

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editor's comment - April 26th, 2019

The story holds my interest for there are so many mysteries about the hero and his marriage with the heroine. I can't help keep reading to find out his true feeling.

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couldn't like much about it 2  2

I really couldn't like the characters and the plot. I mean neither the hero or the heroine fought for their marriage, they hardly had a sit down to talk out on things like the heroine's gold-digging stepmother or why they should stay together. They weren't even ready for marriage but were pushed to by the hero's father. The man was good and smart, except when he pushed them to marry because the hero went out and partied too much. That hopscotch step had the heroine and hero miss out on building their relationship as well as their trust for one another. It's probably why he put a condition in the will, so they could actually talk to one another. Plus, I read that the heroine was only 18 and the hero 30 from a review based off the original book. Why would this man push the heroine to marry when she's just come out of secondary school (high school), he should have been offering to pay college tuition not the wedding? Another reason why the hero and heroine weren't ready for marriage was from how badly their wedding night went. They weren't prepared for each other in the bed. I mean the heroine must have had some idea of sexual intercourse since the original book was published between 1999-2000 and secondary school by then should have had a sex class on how to put a banana on a condom or something. She's also the first one to initiate coitus. Sadly, it wasn't what she expected and kept rejecting the hero's touch from then on. Her words and actions really did hurt him. Yet, he's responsible too since he should have taken it slow or walked her through it instead of pouncing her. I'm not saying he should have taken the lead because he's a man but that he's older with more experience. Afterwards, they have this tumultuous marriage, both keeping their distance. Yet, they only see the other staying away and not their own feet doing the same. It was hard for me to like the heroine with her doormat-Pillar attitude. She lets her stepmother walk all over her, soaks in her lies, and actually bases her opinion of the hero from what the woman has stated. She can't seem to retain memory the reason why the hero's father never married, dated, or even slept with the Step-mother (despite her various claims) was due to the fact he knew what she was: a liar, schemer, and gold digger. The hero know it too but any warning he gave to the heroine like the OM (Co-conspirator of the Stepmother) fell on stone ears. For the hero, I understand that one needs to be a gentleman even to harpies like the Step-mother but every time he attempt to talk with the heroine, she interrupts and he let it go. He doesn't say, "Shut up! Get Out! I'm talking to my wife." This happens even after he cut a deal with her so, she would leave them alone. Nor does he push for a sit down with the heroine to open up his feelings. The stepmother was unlikable for the obvious reason but she gets booted when caught with her Co-Conspirator (The OM) in bed. Afterwards, the hero confesses his love and his wish for the heroine and him to remain married and she replies the context. They end it with plans to remarry but I'm left dissatisfied.

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