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Revenge brought them together, but it could tear them apart, too.

Dominic hears that American billionaire Hardcastle is looking for his heir, but Dominic wants nothing to do with his father, who abandoned his mother and him as a young boy. All he’s thought about is revenge. But after learning his father has only three months to live, his determination to make his father pay for what he did starts to falter. While visiting his father’s company, he runs into an employee named Bella and asks her out. Bella’s anxiety mounts because she’s been working there under a fake name in order to exact her own revenge! 

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both want revenge 3  3

It was probably one of the shortest pieces of revenge plots that died down. Frankly, I was surprised the hero said yes when he could have said no and watch his biological father's company being taken away. The hero has got issues with his father since the day he denied paternity in front of the hero as a child. It broke his heart and he made it to the top in order to be more. Now, the father is calling him back to take over his company, so it won't fall out of family hands. I was surprised the hero so easily went along with it. I feel that he should make outrageous demands in order to push the man's patience to the limit. The heroine has also has her own revenge what with the hero's father stealing her father's work that made millions and the man only received a penny from it. I did like that the hero's mom makes him promise that if he's going to accept the father then he needs to do it whole heartedly. The hero and heroine meet and strike up a relationship from their obvious hate of the hero's father. They open up on their feelings and decide to conspire in ousting the man. As the hero spends time with his father's family, he sees the positive impact his third wife has made on him. He also learns the father has been making amends to his mother by giving her an all expense paid trip to anywhere she desires. He also finds out the father has never tried to mock him in the business world. Now, he's faced with the dilemma of his goal for revenge fading away but the heroine's revenge is still hot and burning. He decides to take over the company in order to protect her, since her searching may get her caught and placed as a corporate spy. She then finds concrete evidence that would destroy her goal, only proving that everything the hero's father did was legal. The hero is there to hold her as she cries. The two become attracted and go all the way. On the night that the hero is to make the big announcement, the heroine is found by the Wife who begs her not to sue them. The news of the hero blabbing has the heroine believe he was only using her in order to get his place and the breach of privacy was the last straw. The heroine leaves but the hero running after but she won't take his word for anything. She's about to hand in her resignation in defeat to the father when the hero comes in with revealing his plans. He reveals on why he wanted to become CEO. The father throws a little fit on how come he's viewed as the bad guy but the hero has the upper hand. He calls the father out on how he took advantage of people like his mother and the heroine's father when they were desperate for help. He places himself on the table that if the father doesn't consent to the heroine's demands and accept his ill dealings then both the heroine and him walk out of the company. As they walk out, the father caves in and admits he knew what he was doing. The only thing the heroine wants is her father's recognition, not money at all. I would have demanded 10% of the annual profit over the years the company made then put some into care for the heroine's mother in the mental hospital and the rest to charity. She made it too easy for the father. He agrees with a stupid grin then the heroine and hero head off on their own. The hero gives a bit of lacking proposal to the heroine but she's happy with it. The story was alright, it just didn't get my blood going.

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