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Even knowing we must divorce, I can’t help but love him now…

High school counselor Ginny was asked to give a school tour to Dominic, the visiting high prince of Xaviera. He asks her to show him the town afterward, and the two spend a dreamlike night together. But the prince is from a different world…and their beautiful union must end after one night. One month later, Ginny realizes she’s pregnant, so she travels to Xaviera to tell Dominic, only to find him cold and distant, a completely different person. Now they must enter into a contract marriage just for the duration of the child’s infancy, a contract that ensures their eventual divorce.

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nice royal romance 5  5

It was actually a nice story with how it played out. We have the heroine and hero meet when the hero goes to an American high school for a bit of a speech with the meet and greet the royal celebrity. It's there that he meets the heroine (high school counselor) and became enchanted by her everything from her dedication to working with her students and the fact she's not falling all over him. They have a one night stand and leave it at that. Yet, he gives her his number to say good-bye. They think that it's the end but irony of their relationship ending is how the next phone call brings them together. The heroine gets the surprising news of her pregnancy with her mother. Before the heroine can even process the information, her mother rips the heroine's phone out of her hand to find any information on the baby daddy. She finds the unknown caller (hero's ) number and calls him in front of the heroine. She goes off to the baby daddy of how he needs to take responsibility and lays down the path for the heroine and hero to be reunited. However, their reunion is anything but joyful because this news has just destroyed a decades old marriage contract with another country because the hero's father insists that the hero take responsibility. After a lot of debate, they come to a decision that the heroine and hero marry for two years after the baby's birth then divorce. The hero also tells the heroine that it's a paper marriage and how he won't love her because he's putting his country first. The heroine learns that this no love factor stems from seeing how his country was nearly destroyed when his father was wrapped up in grief from seeing his beloved wife dying on her deathbed. So, there's a bit of tension between the hero and his father on the matter of strength/ image of royalty in their country. The hero also learns more about the heroine of having an alcoholic abusive dad and I liked seeing the hero's anxiety of not knowing the heroine but wanting to know more. I did like seeing the exchanges of things the hero and heroine do for the other. It showed that they really did care about each other. We also learn that both parents want the hero to not be so stubborn insisting a short marriage as well as the heroine going with the flow. It does get better after their honeymoon because they realize how much they enjoy each other. They decide to enjoy the time they have left. We fast forward through the months where the heroine is only one month away from her due date. By this time and a long sought conversation with her mother, the heroine admits that she doesn't want this marriage to end because she loves the hero Yet, she knows that if the hero knew her feelings then he would bolt because of his feelings towards the factor of love. The heroine is then encouraged by her mother to help the hero since his values have placed him in a lonely position. She does and right when he hugs her is when things go bad. The hero gets a call of a similar incident of when the hero's father reign happened just popping up. It causes the hero to shut the heroine out since he thinks being with the heroine has dulled his senses in predicting the enemies' move. The hero leaves for a secluded location to deal with the arising problem of restating to the heroine that he doesn't love. The heroine shouts he's an idiot and she does love himthen goes into premature labor. She's able to give birth to a healthy but closely monitored baby boy. The hostile situation has escalated and the heroine waits for the hero to contact her. After a week of no radio silence and the crisis averted, the hero still hasn't even contacted her on their son. She takes it as a sign that he doesn't care about her or their son. So, she makes plans to take the son back to the states. She has no idea that the father has intercepted any information about the baby's birth from the hero in order to give him a tough love life lesson. When the father reveals the child's birth and his hand in withholding the information, the hero asks why in an angry tone. The father says all the things the hero has said beforehand about country before family. The funny thing was how the hero nearly decked him but it's the father who punches the hero in the gut with his own words of how what has happened shouldn't matter since the hero's marriage with the heroine will dissolve soon, how it's what the hero wanted but the hero's ideals will only lead him on a path of self destruction. He even reveals the truth behind the past incident. He tells the hero to face himself, the heroine, and their baby. When the hero arrives at the hospital, he overhears the heroine state how he's not being in involved and states he is. He doesn't even react to the heroine telling him to get out. He reveals that he had no idea about the son's birth because of his father's hand and lesson to the hero. He admits not being there for the heroine when she was in labor made him poor excuse as a father and a husband. He also realizes how badly he needed the tough love lesson in order to see how selfish his actions her and not to deny the truth any longer. The hero confesses that he's been in love with the heroine from the start. We do get a really cute ending with the family fighting over of who gets to hold the little prince when they show him to the public.

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