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I can’t believe that my knight in shining armor is my cold-hearted boss!

Edney is at a party when a male friend suddenly starts making unwanted advances toward her…until she is saved by a man she doesn’t even know. With a sophisticated air about him, he kindly takes her home. Edney is so enchanted by him that she lets him leave without learning his name! The weekend over, Edney starts a new job where she learns that the man’s name is Saville Craythorne…and he’s Edney’s new boss! Completely changed from the Saville she met at the party, this man’s gaze is cold as ice…

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fine but not my cup of tea 3  3

I am happy that some people like this story but I don't think it was the story for me. I guess I was a little tired of seeing the, "Green-eyed monster" and "Beat-around-the-Bush" conversations repeated. To start off, the hero and heroine meet when the hero helps the heroine as she escapes from an unsavory character. He takes her home like a gentleman and she gives him her number to call. He calls to set a dinner date but the day before the date, the heroine walks into his office as his secretary's assistant. She finds out her dream man is her boss and he calls her to cancel their date. The heroine is hurt but the hero is too because his company prohibits relationships. Then he gets all green-eyed because his cousin starts flirting with the heroine even when she's keeps turning down his advances. From then they have they hot cold thing where he acts nice then cold. It becomes worse when the hero sees the heroine hugging another man. He believes she's moved on and childishly has her working overtime to working the weekends to miss her time with the man. He's too prideful to ask and hear the man is her stepbrother and is getting engaged. Unfortunately, the heroine unintentionally hurts his feels when she panics and reveals how she never would given her phone or gone to dinner if she had known who he was. when he comments on it, the heroine is too angry to correct him. Opportunity strikes again when the heroine has to take the secretary's place during a big business trip. Things go well till the heroine brings up her probationary period because the hero says let's drink wine. I understand the man just closed a huge business deal but she was asking him a serious question. Him blowing it off hurts the heroine who starts running only to be caught by the hero who pulls her in for a kiss. They almost get the passion going but the heroine stops it and runs off. They have an awkward relationship from then on. Then opportunity strikes again this time in the form of a rugby ball that hits the hero square in the head. He's all like I'm fine but everyone states hospital and CT scan among other things. The heroine stays by the hero's side to make sure he gets all the rest and recuperation and not sneak off to the company in his pajamas. During this time, they admit to themselves and then to each other that they're in love with the other. Then the heroine reveals the hugger is her stepbrother. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. They have a lovely wedding for the ending. The story was alright but it just didn't appeal to my taste.

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