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May the dreamlike days of my marriage to him last forever.

Molly, who works in marketing, has been secretly in love with her boss, Jack, for the past four years and often imagines herself as his bride. One day, while at a marketing department launch party, Jack invites her to dance. She ecstatically agrees, but just then, she is caught up in a sudden fight between two other guests and falls and hits her head. When Molly wakes up at her beloved Jack’s house, she believes that she’s his wife!

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amensia can cause love on both ends 3  3

The hero got caught in a really hard place. His assistant, the heroine has been in love with the man for many years but she has never acted on her feelings. When she get hit in the head during a fight, the hero takes her back to his place because he's worried sick about her condition. He only wakes up the next morning to find out she's kissing him and calling him dear. According to her, they're newlyweds and happily in love. The hero is flabbergasted and tries to tell the heroine the truth but she doesn't believe him and thinks he's just being cruel to her. So, he has to soothe and figure out what happened. He calls her friends who try to tell her but she won't believe them and asks if what they're saying is true. It's actually how he learns of the heroine's unrequited love for him. The hero is unable to let the heroine down when she looks so sad that he continues with the lie. He gets a doctor friend who thinks that the heroine's state is a combination of the fall, her feelings, and her parents guru cd tape of taking action. Now, the hero is navigating all things from the heroine to work and making sure she keeps their "marriage" a secret, and dealing with his own attraction for the heroine. During their time, the heroine notes on things the hero didn't notice about himself till she brought it up. She even makes him feel things that he never felt before, not even with his dead first wife. She also pushes him to choose what he wants for himself instead of going along with what other people say. She opens up on her fears and doubts. He finds himself falling in love with her. He even opens up about how his marriage was only to please his parents and his first fight with the wife was because she wanted a baby to get more political power and he disagreed. She ran off with the parents and then there was the car accident. Then her parents come barging by because their friends ran into the heroine with the hero and gave them that tidbit of matrimony news. The whole thing causes the heroine to regain her memories and she goes back with her parents embarrassed. She goes back to work and finds the hero kept his word of nobody finding out. They get a week apart to work things out and when the hero tries to talk to the heroine again, but his words cause the heroine to misinterpret that he wants to keep the whole thing under wraps. So, she "rejects" the hero in a way. Then he promotes her and as her work close to him for the next three months. During this time, the heroine reveals how the incident finally gave her parents and her a chance to talk things out and relieve the doubts she had. The hero finally takes the chance to ask the heroine but she either thinks he's being nice or pitying her. After a kiss, the hero pulls away dejected by her rejection. He doesn't come in the next day, which worries everyone but the heroine worries even more. Throughout the day, the hero sends her a series of text containing his feelings and confession of love. Overjoyed that the hero does love her, she races back to his place and runs into his arms. And that's the ending. It was a pretty decent read.

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