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Dare she hope that her prince might one day return her feelings?

Ruby was on a trip to Paris when she suddenly met Alex, a man with beautiful blue eyes and black hair… Even though she didn’t know his name, she was charmed by him and they shared a kiss! He promised to contact her and they went their separate ways. He never reached out to her and she returned to London. That’s when she learned who Alex really was—the crown prince of the kingdom of Euronia! It was not her place as a commoner to want to meet him again, was it? Yet she never could cast aside her feelings for him entirely. So what does it mean that, ten years later, he’s suddenly summoned Ruby out of the blue?

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The heroine met the hero on New Year's Eve in Paris and have a wonderful night together. Then the hero had left a note only because of an emergency calling him back to his country but his bodyguard kept the note from the heroine. So, she finds out the hero's real identity via television and comes to the assumption that their time was nothing but a fling. She goes on with her life, trying to forget the hero. After a decade, the heroine has accumulated a great reputation in speech therapy and helping children that the hero calls her for help. He needs help with his daughter who's never spoken. The heroine decides to help and figures out not only how to help the little girl speak but how to build his relationship with her. We see from their first interaction that the hero holds feelings for the heroine but she maintain the doctor/patient's parent line. She also finds out that the hero and his dead wife were best friends who only got married in order for the wife to have successor to her country since she got breast cancer in it's advanced stages. They married, had the little girl, and tried to start treatment but the cancer had gotten too far. I liked seeing the hero's thoughts of how he's still been in love with the heroine for ten years. He decides to pursue the heroine but he can't take his time because they're caught alone by some big gossiping couple and the hero has to announce the heroine's presence before people question her image. Before her big presentation, she meets the dead wife's mother who's really nice and happy to have the heroine there to not only be there for her granddaughter but also for her son-in-law. The ball goes off well, even the heroine handles some of the snotty OW and gossy gabbies but they play dirty. They start running rumors about the heroine, even getting a guy to state he's the heroine's boyfriend when she doesn't even know him. All the rumors and their negative spread cause the heroine to back up and out. Yet, the hero begs her not to because he loves her. She still leaves when the little girl speaks for the first time, begging as well for the heroine not to go. The heroine spends some time away and misses them very much. She's visited by the same bodyguard who kept the note and gives her a letter from the hero's in-laws. They encourage not to give up on the hero and daughter and that she has their full blessing and support. It was just a sweet and endearing letter as well as opens her eyes to what really matters. Then she tells the guard to take her back to the hero. The scene between the hero and the heroine is wonderful and I really loved the ending.

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