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Charlie’s always taken care of herself, but now she and Harry must learn to count on each other.

Charlie trusts no one and counts on no one. She’s busy running her bar to support herself and her sister. Abandoned by her father, she always had to take care of herself, especially after her mother's death. Then one day Charlie is taken hostage. Also taken is Harry, a private investigator in the middle of a case. Soaked by the rain, the two barely escape with their lives. If they’re going to get through this, they’re going to have to rely on each other…

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editor's comment - June 7th, 2019

The story is not only romantic but also adventurous and dramatic. I like the sparkle between the hero and the heroine.

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Right on the money 5  5

The book was a cake with the right amount of adventure, romance, drama, and pinch of danger. I loved how it started with the hero and heroine escaping their hostage situation from the goons that sparked a new friendship. The hero is a detective and the heroine is a bar tender to support herself and her younger sister. The heroine goes to help the hero because she wants to help. As they spend more and more time together, the hero learns of the heroine's past being abandoned by her father then forced to work at a young age. She watched her mother die and she's held this deep hatred and grudge against her father. She looked for him and found him then sent him a letter. So, then when she saw him, she would rub it in his face of how horrible a man he was. The hero stops her but doesn't say much because he knows the father and the truth. Yet, he doesn't tell her since he can see anything related to the father has the heroine's evil eye on it. He does tell her the truth of about her father never abandoning her but she doesn't accept because to her, it doesn't make sense of why she had to suffer or the fact that her life took a hard turn. So, she denies everything, including the hero. The hero tells the heroine and her sister the truth: apparently, the mother was caught in an affair and the father condemned her for it. So, she held a grudge and got revenge by disappearing with his two girls. He tried to find them but the nasty woman was smart in sticking to towns so small, you didn't they existed with their own school program. She even put lies into the heroine's head of what a terrible father he was. The heroine denies this of course but even she can remember about the schools and small towns. The heroine asks why does he persist in having the two meet.The hero answers because he didn't have a good relationship with his father and lost the chance to build a better one when the father died. The first meeting goes really bad because he insults the heroine's workplace (because he wanted the best for his girls), calls the heroine by her former name (something the hero warned him not to do), and comes off too strong with telling what to do (he's wants to help, but sent the wrong kind of message). In anger of his words, the heroine tears him a new one. She gives him the details of her life after she disappeared as well as how important the bar is to her. The hero escorts the father out and helps him realize the pain his words caused her. The hero and heroine discuss over the meeting and in the heat of the moment, the hero confesses that he's always wanted to be with the heroine. They have coitus and right after, the hero reveals his friendship with the heroine's father. The heroine believes that the hero targeted and is only with her because he wants the father to be happy. He only realized the connection when the heroine said the father's name but knew it wasn't his place to tell. The heroine runs out in anger and we see why. Apart from all the hate and stuff, we find out she sent her father a letter that contained her hate for him and wanted to see the look on his face when he read it. Now, she feels horrible because the letter caused him to have a heart attack. When she goes back to the store, the goons from before corner her but the father comes to her rescue with the rest of the elderly shop owners joining in. Things escalate but the hero comes in to save the day with his police friends. The heroine apologizes to the father about causing his heart attack with her letter. The father reveals the heart attack wasn't caused from the pain of the letter but the joy that his daughter contacted him to let him know she was alive. The two finally hug and the heroine allows her younger sister to meet the father. When the hero and heroine are alone, the hero asks the heroine to marry him and we get a happy ending.

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