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Jenny has no choice but to offer shelter to the man who broke her heart…

Jenny looked forward to a happy marriage after Spanish hotel magnate Rodrigo proposed to her. But her husband continued to prioritize his business over her, and he ultimately ended their marriage. Jenny’s scars from the divorce still haven’t healed. One day, while helping her best friend run her inn, an unexpected guest arrives seeking shelter from the storm. They can’t turn Rodrigo away, but Jenny’s not sure her heart will be able to outlast the storm.

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rebuilding it from the top 4  4

I actually like where most of the story in the present tense was set; a small little cottage. The heroine divorced her rich husband a while ago and is currently being a substitute hostess for a small bed-in-breakfast cottage. She gets a real surprise when she opens the door to a drench ex-husband (hero) and then shuts the door in his face; it was rather comical. She does let him in and for over the next few weeks are them speaking on current and past events. The heroine knows about the hero's past with his estranged from his brother and father because his birth resulted in their wife/mother's death. So, he didn't want kids but there were a lot of things too. The hero was always working and never spent time with the heroine as well as not keeping her in the loop with his work like his takeover of his brother's company. That really set her off but she doesn't learn until present day that he was only saving his brother's company because the brother's board members made some bad investments resulting in them going bankrupt. The hero tried to offer money but the brother was too prideful to take it. So, the only way to save his brother's business was a takeover. Now, the heroine and reader don't know till the end that the hero's visit isn't unplanned. He actually conspired with the heroine's friend to get some alone time with the heroine in order to win her back. We read along with them spending more time talking, the hero nursing the heroine from her flu, etc. It was awfully sweet and enjoyable. When they finally see their feelings align, they fall into the bed. There the hero reveals it all and wants the heroine to come back with him. Unexpectedly, she says no because she doesn't want to fall back into the pattern of their first marriage. So, the hero leaves and she doesn't see him for two months. During these two months, a lot happens to our main couple: the heroine discovers she is pregnant and the hero reconciles with his brother. He also hands his brother the reins of the big job in order to take a post up in the heroine's country in order to prove that he's serious of changing his workaholic pattern as well as wanting to be with her. His whole change proves to the heroine that he's serious and when he asks her to marry him one more time, she replies with a yes. I loved the ending when she surprises him with the news that he's going to be a dad. It was a good read.

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