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Can Laura ever forgive the man who treated her so unkindly?

While on a trip to Spain, Laura meets the man who will change her destiny. Dizzyingly handsome, Luis De Rivera is the richest man in Andalusia and the two fall in love instantly. They marry and expect that their happiness will last forever. Until a horrible secret from Laura’s past is revealed. An ex-boyfriend forced himself on her, resulting in her father suing for damages and winning. When Luis finds out, he becomes cruel and hard, so Laura leaves him. But two months later, he tracks her down, determined that she should come back to Spain with him.

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Now, the heroine and hero have that whirlwind romance that goes great. It's the European version of a Las Vegas wedding, which I found it bit too quick in my case. Unfortunately, having a quick wedding holds off on revealing the deeper stuff in their lives. Wedding life is bliss till the hero learns from another source(heroine's ex) of the heroine's incident with court. The incident was her father suing the ex for forcing himself on the heroine and got paid a huge sum from the guy's rich father. Now, the hero does the whole background check but barely listens to the heroine's side. I mean listen to this, "he forced himself....but I didn't want him to," In my eyes and many others' perspective, the heroine suffered under one of the two things: rape and sexual assault. Nobody wants to talk about it, it's a hard part of their lives that shows them in their most scared moments. The hero can't even imagine what it means to have someone you love hurt you like that. I mean the father went about it all the wrong way with the stupid compensation money but seriously!!! Back to our couple, the hero is all accusations but he won't divorce the heroine because of his catholic religion and other things. The heroine is so brokenhearted that she closes herself off to everyone. This in turn makes everyone think she's some sort of foreign snob. The heroine can't take it anymore and runs back to England. Two months later, the hero goes after her and extorts her to come back or the people who looked out for her. This all happens in the time frame of three months. She goes back and things get a little better except for the hero's childhood friend we call the OW. It actually shocked me that after the whole scene, the heroine lets the hero in bed with her. Although, I did like the heroine using the hero's words on him later. Plus, how she helps with the grape picking that earns her brownie points with her mother-in-law. The hero also sees the heroine picking the grapes with a smile. He finally realizes that he took her smile when he said all those harsh things to her. Their relationship almost takes a turn for the better till the OW plants more seeds of doubt in the heroine's head of the hero using her. So, she shuts out the hero and says some hard things and the hero says some mean things back. Then the hero goes on a business trip but the heroine finds out the OW is with him. She takes it as a sign that he's chosen the OW. So, she packs up to run off but the mother-in-law can sense a disturbance in the force. She tells the hero who prepares to leave then run into the OW. When the OW learns of the heroine's disappearance, she can't keep her trap shut and spouts out all these disparaging things about the heroine. The hero finds puts the pieces of the puzzle together and figures out the OW said something mean to the heroine. He demands an answer and she reveals everything. The hero finally realizes what a total idiot he's been and drops everything to go after the heroine. He finds the heroine at the airport who has decided to stay rather than run away again. The hero also reveals that everything the OW said was a lie and how he's so sorry for everything he's said and done to the heroine. He tells her he loves her and asks for one more chance. The heroine forgives him and confesses her love too. They head back to the hero's place where the mother-in-law welcomes the heroine with open arms. Then we get the epilogue ending with a cute baby boy.

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