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Regan won’t be fooled by Liam a second time!

When they reunited, hotshot banker Liam kissed Regan, reminding her of their passionate romance, which she has been trying so hard to forget. Liam was the president of the company where Regan worked seven years ago…and her first love. She worked hard and made a bold attempt to seduce him. She was successful and they fell in love. However, after a months-long relationship, the ambitious and coldhearted Liam decided to marry the daughter of a wealthy family. So why are Liam’s eyes again filled with desire for Regan? Whatever the reason, she’s determined not to make the same mistake again or let him find out the secret she’s been keeping from him!

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seven years in the waiting 4  4

The hero and heroine were lovers till the hero dumped the heroine because he was marrying someone "appropriate" for his family. This broke the heroine and after finding out she was pregnant with his kid, decided to keep it a secret. It makes sense because no woman wants to tell her ex, the engaged man about his unborn child. Seven years go by and the two are reunited at a dinner party where the hero is the hostess's prize. The heroine maintains a distance but the hero has his eye on her. When the hostess catches them in the luggage room, she makes some snide remark to the heroine. The heroine is so angered by the woman, that she lets it slip about her child with the hero then runs off. The hero runs after her and finds her depleted apartment and her son who looks like him. The hero makes a bad first impression on the boy who thinks he's bullying his mother and the heroine tells him to leave. The hero does only to come by the next morning to make short apologies and declare that he's the boy father to the son. It only adds more to the confusion for the kid but he's adaptable. During the boy's sports, the heroine reveals she kept the whole thing secret because of what the hero might have done. The hero states he would have married her but she doesn't believe him. He states that he didn't push for marriage with her not just because she wasn't "appropriate" but that she was also young and had a life ahead of her that shouldn't include marriage and babies. He realizes he was being shallow and know wants to make things up. The hero then wants her to meet his family, including his four year old daughter but the heroine resists on not wanting to meet his wife. The hero tells her he's been divorced three years as his punishment for betraying her. The man is wasting no time and the heroine is just going for the flow. They reach the hero's home and he goes right off the bat of who the heroine and her son are and his intentions to marry the heroine. The heroine is shocked because he didn't even properly propose to her (I mean, he literally proposes 30 seconds before introducing her) but he thinks it's the best thing for the children. The children take to each other immediately but the hero's parents are hesitant about the whole thing. They can see the heroine's reluctance and they want to be sure if the heroine is up to caring for another child. The heroine thinks they are talking society but we later learn they are going off their own experience of the hero's brother who they adopted their close friends who were his parents died in an accident. Then the heroine meets the brother and it's obvious with the atmosphere in the room, that there's friction. As the heroine spends more time with the hero's family that she learns about everyone. She learns the brother didn't rebel till his teens and he believes that his family always took his brother's side because he's blood. He never thought that it was his own actions and blindness to his family's love that isolated him from being part of the family. The heroine goes through this blur of being in the hero's life and mother to two kids. She has a tough time what with getting the daughter to trust her but she doesn't give up. Not even the brother quietly tries to steer her away. Things take a turn for the worse when a fight breaks out over the hero's brother and it ends coldly. They do make up and more then the heroine agrees to the wedding. However, she becomes dazed and absentminded over the fact she's not excited or anything. The hero notices it but is at a loss of what to do. One night, the heroine comes down to the kitchen and finds the brother has broken into the house. She flies into a rage and the brother tries to seduce her but she slaps. Then the hero walks in on them and the brother lies stating they're having an affair. However, the hero believes the heroine and knows she wouldn't do such a thing. The brother starts going off about how the way he is due to his unloved environment (no sympathy: because that's his own doing) but I found how the heroine shook the foundations of that by saying the kids love him regardless. So, the man leaves quietly then sends a letter that he needs to become a better man before seeing them again. The hero finally reveals the divorce started from the hero and wife's differences in values and when the brother appeared, the two had an affair. The hero caught and that ended that. The hero and heroine re-confess their love and we have a lovely wedding. It was actually a good story.

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