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Nadia plans to buy her country peace with her purity.

Princess Nadia believes offering her virginity to King Zayed, a long-standing, hostile enemy of her country, is the best way to forge peace between their countries. And so Nadia disguises herself as a dancer and infiltrates the king’s chambers. Here she will seduce the king, who is rumored to be a vulgar man. As pure Nadia trembles in his bed, the king finally appears, but he’s dignified and good-looking—completely different from his terrible reputation! Now what will become of Nadia’s plan? What will become of Nadia?

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Sweet 4  4

This is a sweet story. I like the male character who is not described too be as a jerk lol. The female character is "cute" type too. But I feel like the story jumps when I expect more of an episode.

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3.5 romance began in the desert 4  4

The heroine has secretly applied to be apart of the hero's harem then she sneaks in his bedroom in hopes that he'll take her as his wife. This way, she won't be forced to marry some over forty to fifty potbellied man that her father and cruel brother have chosen for her. When she gives her list of reasons and future possibilities, the hero agrees to their wedding contract. The hero has a lot on his plate with his sudden position change from second born and entrepreneur to heir to the throne and the discovering the big family secret. A couple of months ago, his mother revealed on her deathbed of his older brother's true identity. Apparently, the older brother isn't the mother's son but the son of another woman from their enemy. She dies and the father planned to keep it a secret, but the brother was so distraught over seeing his entire identity shattered that he just left. The two are in a tightwire from here, what with trying to making the hero's marriage to the heroine as public as possible as well as concealing her identity since it might a cause a war before they make any progress. The two head to New York where the hero meets the heroine's friends and they have a western wedding there. Things progress pretty quickly from all sides from the couple's budding relationship to meeting the hero's brother in secret. They find that they need to send the heroine back in order to avoid a war that the heroine's brother is thirsting for. The heroine decides to go back even after the hero makes this beautiful speech about how he still sees her as his wife. It was actually quite romantic. When she goes back, the hero goes with her in order to make sure she's alright. He doesn't even bring his guards as a show of peace. I'm not kidding you when the next few scenes capture the essence of Game of Thrones; it was like watching Joffrey and Ed Stark at the execution block. The guy even goes so far to put a knife to his sister's (the heroine's) neck. Luckily, the higher power of the father is there and he berates the son for nearly causing a war and killing a neighboring King. The heroine's father and the hero are able to reach a peace agreement and receive praises from the many. It was quite a nice ending with the heroine and hero confessing their feelings then going to their friend's child's baptism. Not a bad story.

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