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A one-night encounter sets the wheel of fate spinning!

When Ashley reunited with Ryan, a millionaire hotel chain owner, at a wedding party, the memory of the passionate kiss they shared four months ago flashed through her mind. They’d had a magical time together, but Ashley discovered she was pregnant with his baby after their onetime encounter. Worried he might try to take the baby away from her, she now keeps it secret and does her best to stay away from him. When he learns about the baby; however, he surprises Ashley by proposing they enter into a marriage of convenience.

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The hero and heroine shared a one night stand that ended four months ago. The heroine wants to forget the whole thing ( she saw the hero arguing with another woman the next morning) but life has a funny way of throwing a curveball. One of them being is running into the hero at his friend's wedding as the planner. The hero wants to rekindle that night but the heroine pulls up all walls. It only makes the hero work harder, he takes her out for dinner. During which, the same woman comes by and "stakes" her claim on the hero. I don't have to be a psychologist to know it's "Who's the alpha female or who gets to pee on this tree?" to know she was playing alpha female. The fortunate part was the fact the hero could actually see what was going on and figured out she's the reason the heroine left that morning. He opens about his past of not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The whole thing helps her see a new side to the man who she enjoys the rest of the evening. The heroine stills wants to keep a distance due to her secret but the hero is smarter and pieces together the clues that the heroine is pregnant and it's his. The hero is shocked but the heroine takes his shock as a sign that he doesn't want to be involved. In fact, she hardly willing to negotiate with the hero in terms of baby, just throwing the "You're not involved" or "Stay Away" but the hero wants to be apart of the child's life. He wants to be a father and a father to their child. The hero was tilting from doing good to bad from sending her flowers (good) then going on that they should get married for the kid (bad). The heroine says no and the hero plays hardball. He lists that by marrying him, he would help pay for her family farm's debts, her brother's college tuition, and her father's medical bills. So, the heroine agrees and the hero promises to make the marriage wonderful. He takes her out to a fancy dinner and asks her to marry him with the ring. Unfortunately, it ends sour with the hero bringing up custody rights. However, the heroine has her own biting remarks like how she regrets their night. I did like that the hero would wait for their wedding night but he asked the heroine if she was fine and she was. I know the hero was rushing but I understood the heroine felt the whole thing was going too fast but she should have just said, "Before we marry, can't we get to know each other more or something,". The heroine does tells her family and they are ecstatic. Although, I did like how the father senses something amiss and gives the heroine some advice. The hero's family are excited with the marriage and baby. Things go well for the next two weeks till the OW comes along to sow discord in the heroine's head. Sadly, the heroine believes the stuff and doesn't give the hero the benefit of the doubt. I was glad she did tell him and he states he never said a word to the OW. He believes the woman took a guess. He also says that they need to believe in themselves to make the marriage work. The hero isn't wrong on that. They do have a fabulous honeymoon with learning more about each other without having Coitus. Then their honeymoon ends and they have to separate for a bit. It goes well till the heroine comes home and finds the OW in the place with the key. The OW spouts more lies and malicious things with the heroine soaking them all in. After the OW leaves, the heroine packs up and calls the hero to tell him that she's leaving. The hero rushes back to find the OW and quickly kicks her out with his threats. He starts wildly searching for the heroine, calling her, and leaving messages that he needs her and loves her. During which, the heroine wakes up in a hotel room to her father's voice. He tells the heroine what the hero has been doing since she disappeared on him. She decides to face the hero and get the truth. When she comes back to the messed up apartment, the hero find her and pulls her in for a tight hug. They have a big discussion over what happened and we get the confession of love from the two. It ends happily with them beginning a new life together.

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