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From temporary nanny to contractual wife… How did Maggie’s life get so complicated?

Maggie, while working for a nanny temp agency, visits a luxurious penthouse. There she meets successful business owner Jason and his month-old boy, Brady. She is awed by the painfully gorgeous entrepreneur, but she hides her attraction to avoid a repeat of a past failed relationship. Maggie is speechless when Jason makes a shocking offer to give her a million dollars if she marries him. Maggie agrees so she can save her old orphanage from closing, but she doesn’t yet realize just what she’s signed up for!

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The heroine is called to an emergency to a penthouse of what she thinks is a new mother but it's really a new father. She immediately becomes the newborn boy's nanny and the helper to the hero who's mystified by her baby caring skills. Now, the hero and heroine learn through their time together as boss/employee that each other has suffered the being alone. The heroine was an orphan who was abandoned at the door and the hero's mother left him when she divorced his dad. Now, the hero grew up with love from the Sisters and the other kids but the hero watched his father work long hours and neglect him to find his new wives. You couple with that with the last serious relationship he had ended when the woman tried to abort his baby and he paid her off to have the baby and sign her parental rights away. So, the hero's walls are concrete thick. They have admirable qualities about each other and can communicate well when it comes to the son. However, as the heroine's end date draws closer, the hero tries variety of methods in order to keep the heroine close. He even brings up marriage which was a really bad move because she just opened up about her failed engagement. However, the hero brings up payment and the heroine gives a price in order to save her orphanage. He pays the bill and she slips on the ring. They have a marriage of convenience, which people voice their different opinions on the whole thing. Luckily, they go away for a little vacation to bond more and learn more. However, things go a little to fast for the hero and he starts to avoid the heroine. Although the heroine confronts him and has an asthma attack that helps him edge a little closer to the heroine. The heroine is encouraged to express herself before the hero in order to help him open up. Sadly, the hero can't push himself to open up. The heroine is so hurt that she leaves but not before finding out she's pregnant. When the hero realizes the heroine is gone, he flies into a panic racing all over. In fact, he gets help from his dad who tells him his regret of not giving the hero's mother her space nor listening. Then the heroine's boss tells him the truth that his mom was working three jobs in order to get a lawyer to fight custody for him but was killed in an accident before she had enough. Lastly, he meets the Sister who gets him to finally say that he loves the heroine. The heroine comes out and we have hearts poured to each other. It was very sweet and the heroine reveals her pregnancy and I loved the hero's response as well as the ending.

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