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How long will Emma be able to keep her pregnancy a secret from the father?

Photographer Emma was betting on this job to make her sister’s dream come true. If she can get an interview with Nikolai’s family in Russia, then her chance might come. But Nikolai immediately captivates her heart and they spend a night together. He tells her about his family’s unhappy past, but later Nikolai wonders if she went as far as to sleep with him just for an article. Emma gives up on their ephemeral love, but what will happen when Nikolai learns that she’s carrying his child?

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The heroine has been given a lucky opportunity to not only write an article in Russia and will be speaking to the hero and his grandmother about his family's history. The whole thing is quite the opposite for the hero who doesn't want his life's misfortune pasted across a paper. He meets the heroine intending to fully dissuade her from meeting with the grandmother. He actually becomes attracted to her for everything from looks to mind. He feels so relaxed that he reveals the big family secret: his father was an abusive man who not only raped heroine's mother but got her pregnant. So, her mother (his grandmother) insisted they marry and stay married, despite knowing her daughter suffered at man's hands. The hero also suffered under his rule too and they lived like that till the man died and then they left Russia. The whole emotional reveal has the hero lash out at the heroine and she leaves in tears. Two months of separation and the heroine contacts the hero, letting him know she's pregnant. He insists on marriage (actually a bit surprised) but she says no. That is until the hero lists her very limited options of raising a child alone. It pushes the heroine to agree to marrying him. From there, the two go through a lot of ups and downs with their heart fighting their mind on how to handle everything. I mean the hero has issues with love with his abusive father and the gold diggers he's dealt with since becoming rich and the heroine has the trauma of her father abandoning her and her sister not once but twice. It was really sad because they were abandoned as kids and put into foster care. She found him when she was a teenager and wanted to be a family but the piece of crud didn't want anything to do with them and to stay away from him. So, we got love, trust, and communication issues between the two and there's a lot of work to be done. They go up and down with the heroine going back and forth of going through this engagement and the hero on communicating more with the heroine like figuring out the OM is a trusted friend and nothing more. By the time, the wedding is around the corner, the heroine takes off for a walk. The hero goes after her and we finally have the open heart confession from both. They realize the other loves them and want to make this relationship and marriage work. In the end, we get a letter from the grandmother who's been regretful for many years of what she did. It did make an impact on the hero but reconciliation is a long way off. We get to see the a cute boy and a happy ending.

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