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I’ve always loved him. Our first kiss was bittersweet…

Sammy is secretly in love with businessman Leo, her childhood friend. However, he’s always surrounded by crowds of beautiful women, so there’s no way he’d associate with a plain schoolteacher like her. So why the sudden proposal? When Sammy asks, Leo explains that he needs a fiancée because he wants to make it look like he’s settled down so he can win custody of his niece. He chose Sammy because she and her mother are in dire straits due to her mother’s illness. Besides, he could never actually fall in love with her. What will Sammy do after hearing such cruel words from her first love?

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3.5 first for the money, second for kid, and third for love 4  4

The heroine is one of the few female friends that the hero has and trusts. In fact, he comes to her with a huge favor that he needs her help. He needs her to enter a fake marriage with him in order to gain the custody of his step-niece from her greedy and cruel grandmother. The woman has been dangling the little girl's well being in front of the hero's lovely but gullible father who was her ex-husband. He begs the hero to help him get his step granddaughter with the only chance of having a shot in court is if the hero presents himself as a stable man with a wife. The hero isn't fond of the idea since he saw how his father made a poor decision of marrying the wicked grandmother so shortly after his mother's death. He comes up with a fake engagement then asks the heroine to be his accomplice. The heroine is quite heartbroken about the whole thing because she's been nursing a crush on the hero but never took the initiative since he dated models when she's just average. He doesn't leave the heroine the short end of the stick and offers to pay for her loans and her mother's medical bills. The heroine agrees and they have a short makeover where the hero can't take his eyes off her figure. Thankfully, the hero does tell the heroine that she's attractive and pushes her to get a new wardrobe. It's not just for tastes but also her battle armor since the greedy grandma knows her brands. They're able to get to spend time with the little girl who's in desperate need of grown-ups who care about her. The heroine is able to help her open up and give her the attention she needs as well as learning of how emotionally abused she is by her grandmother. Later, the hero expresses his desire for the heroine again, she admits her virginity and willingness to give it to him, and they go at it. Afterwards, they're given a trial period by the grandma to catch them off guard but they pass with flying colors. The hero takes the chance by taking the little girl to a child psychologist in order to prove the grandma is negligent to her granddaughter's wellbeing. The psychologist sees the truth and the hero gains custody of the niece. During this trial period, the hero asks the heroine to marry him for real, saying how she'll be a great mother for the niece. The heroine rejects the hero's proposal since their relationship is based on money rather than the loving one she wants. When the little girl comes to live with the hero, the heroine gives back his ring and goes home. The hero finds himself unable to think of a life without the heroine by his side and goes to ask her once more. He gives out this pretty good speech of how he was afraid to open his heart after seeing what happened to his father. He confesses his love and gets down on one knee to ask the heroine again. She confesses that she loves him and accepts his proposal. The story ends with the both of them telling their family members that their engagement is real.

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