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A sudden, unwarranted kiss... It was shocking!

Kirsten has just returned from being stationed in Dubai. She comes back to the hospital that she used to work at in Sydney. It seems that fate has more in store for her when she learns that she’ll be working with Hunter, a pediatrician she broke it off with in Dubai. As always, Kirsten’s heart is swayed by the handsome Hunter, but he was the one who thought she was cheating on him. Now, less than two months after the breakup, with lingering feelings, she learns she has to work closely with him. Then one day, there’s an emergency. The two board a rescue helicopter only for it to crash. Their bodies draw close for the first time in a while as they wait for help to arrive...

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Post breakup 3  3

Our main couple were a couple about a year and a half ago with 7-8 months of dating. That is until the hero accused the heroine of cheating on him because she was too friendly with a guy or gave a guy a hug. The heroine denies that it's true, stating that he's just using his ex-wife who he caught in bed cheating and is projecting her ghost onto the heroine. However, the hero denies this and they break up badly. Now, they unexpectedly have to work together again. They do come to an arrangement that putting their job and goal of being the best doctors they can be before their personal issues. However, I didn't like her previous comment about her sister being spoiled, lazy, and clingy. I mean these are the women who are in the medical profession from doctor to nurse, so they have a job. They both run a boarding house for people who are in need of a helping hand, and they're married to men who are wonderful. I mean, how can she describe them as such?? Moving on, the hero and heroine keep on going helicopter rescues till they crash with a wounded pilot. The whole risk situation that goes on for a couple of days, crumbles the walls and resistance in heads and hearts. They finally have a hot night but are rescued after with a almost 3 week separation. During this time, the heroine discovers she's pregnant and pondering her next step. The hero finally decides to move forward when he goes to see his father and talk about his mother who left him. One of the things I didn't like in the pages was the heroine was complimenting the family that was taking care of her, the very family who she called lazy, spoiled, and clingy. I mean the clingy part isn't far off but it's the sister who's clingy to her and love to spoil her since she is the youngest sister. The heroine goes back to work and later, the hero comes by with asking for another chance. He says that he'll wait for the heroine to give her answer and she makes him wait. It's because she wonders if the hero loves her for her and if he finds out about the baby, will he do the obligation of marriage? That is something she doesn't want. The hero finally says, "I love you" and gives a pretty nice speech. His words reach the heroine and she says that she has always loved him. Then she reveals her little secret. We skip to the family photo and it ends happily with a baby in the picture but they seem to have missed the child of the hero and heroine from the first book.

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