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Her dream of love is over, but her royal duties have just begun…

Kass felt like she’d been struck by lightning when she locked eyes with a passionate stranger while on the fashion show stage. That mesmerizing gaze belonged to Leo, a refugee from Eastern Europe. They fell in love instantly, but destiny didn’t smile on them—soon after, Leo was in an accident and barely survived. Then he disappeared from Kass’s life. One day he showed up again, but by then she had twins and her career as a designer had taken off. Leo, it seems, is heir to his country’s throne and has come to collect his queen-to-be and his little princesses!

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It was a little confusing it was a good story, despite some of the characters' decisions. So, the hero and heroine were dating passionately and on the night the hero was going to propose to the heroine, he got into an accident. It was to save a pair of strangers but the damage on his body was so severe that his doctors said he would never be able to walk. The heroine is all in tears but is happy he's alive. He breaks up with her right there because he doesn't want her to be stuck with a disabled man. So, he lies about wanting to break up and after she tells him she's pregnant, he lies that he doesn't want kids. Now, the heroine is no Linda Lee from " Dragon: the Bruce Lee story". She runs off and doesn't come back. She gives birth to twin girls but has no idea the hero has been keeping an eye on them since her pregnancy and has even made a nursery back in the palace. About three years pass and while the heroine becomes a famous designer, the hero is discovered to be the heir to a depleted kingdom. The heroine is surprised but not anymore surprised when she finds him at her house, claiming his right as a parent over their children. The heroine instantly refuses but the hero uses his sources to push the heroine into marriage and coming with him to his country. Once there, the heroine handles herself beautifully with the hero's cousin who wanted to be queen that the woman actually supports her with continuing on being a designer for her company. I did find the scene where both women get angry at the hero for saying that's he doesn't mind if she works. He does open up about his wish to revitalize the country and has been even using his own money to help. Now, the heroine finally finds out about the lies the hero said all those years ago from staff and hero himself. In fact, his twins are the reason the hero faced the pain of rehab. The heroine is ready to accept him but he's not ready himself. He doesn't see himself as worthy with one leg and never being able to have sex (although, a situation destroys that doctor's statement). The heroine can see that the hero's confidence is well shot since he's a world class athlete whose body has been reduced to what he states as damaged. The scene that I liked afterwards was the skype chat with the heroine's parents of how the father has 200 Greek Americans ready to storm the hero's castle should the heroine need a rescue. The heroine assures them that everything is okay. Then comes the big down on their wedding day. The hero jilts the heroine at the altar because he doesn't want to chain her to his country's traditions and restrictions. The man apparently forgot she grew up in a traditional Greek family!! This time, the heroine chases after the hero to give him a piece of her mind and destroying a traditional wedding dress that the maids even ordered her not to touch. When he sees her, he finally confesses his love for the heroine with the heroine returning their love. They make it back to the castle and calm the crowds. We see a happy wedding and happy months pass by in summer time where the public knows about the hero's leg and the incoming new royal member of the family. It was a good ending and I liked the story. I do wish there were some more pages about the hero's backstory of his country like what happened to his parents and did he know about his lineage, etc.

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